School Staff Directory

Mr. Jonathan .GodboutPrincipal
Mrs. Nelly BallochEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mrs. Jenna BamfordGuidance Counsellor
Mrs. Patty BassTeacher
Kindergarten/Grade 1
Mme Jennifer BeaulieuTeacher
Grade 2 French Immersion
Mrs. Ginette BordageResource Teacher
Mrs. Sara BourgoinEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mrs. Katrina CarterEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mr. Robert ColeCustodian
Custodian II
Mme Lisa CormierVice-Principal
Mrs. Leanne DelaneyTeacher
Music and Art
Ms. Beverly EnglishTeacher
Grade 3/4
Mrs. Leanne FergusonTeacher
Grade 4/5 Intensive French
Mme Shelley FieldingTeacher
Grades 3/4 French Immersion
Mrs. Pamela GallantEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mrs. Sue GallantTeacher
Grade K
Mme Lorraine GeraghtyTeacher
Grade 1
Mrs. Talia GrahamTeacher
Mme Chantal GroulxTeacher
Grade 4/5 IF
Mrs. Tressa HarrisLibrarian
Mrs. Debbie HoveyEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mme Lise LeBlancTeacher
Grade 1 Immersion
Mrs. Cheryl MacDiarmidEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Ms. Barb Manship-HaydenTeacher
Methods and Resource
Ms. Denise McCarthy-HollandEducational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Mme Kate McGarrityTeacher
Grade 2 Immersion
Mme Jane MesservierTeacher
Grade 4 French Immersion
Mr. Trevor PickardCustodian
Mme Liane PineauTeacher
Grade 5 French Immersion
Mme Gayle PitreTeacher
Grade 1 Immersion
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