School Improvement Plan

MISSION STATEMENT  - Why do we exist?         

"Working Together With Mutual Respect to Achieve Our Personal Best"

VISION  -What do we hope to become?        


Frank L. Bowser, a School where learning is the focus. 

VALUES - How Must We Behave?

-We will accept that each person is unique with differing abilities.

-We will demonstrate personal responsibility for our learning.

-We recognize that learning is a developmental process.

-I will take responsiblity for my own actions and for the well-being of others.

-I will treat myself and others with dignity, respect and fairness.

-We will respect each person's right to a safe and secure learning environment.

-We will set and achieve high standards.

-We will promote home, school and community as vital parts of an individual's learning.

-We will provide universal design for learning opportunities for the physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual self. 


​Reading Goal for 2013-1014 School Year: We will increase reading comprehension as measured by report card data as follows: Kindergarten target: 85% successful; Grade 1 target: 98.% successful; Grade 2 target: 86% successful; Grade 3 target: 90%; Grade 4 target: 79% successful; Grade 5: 88% successful
​Writing Goal for 2013-2014 School Year:We will increase writing as measured by report card data as follows: Kindergarten: 85% successful; Grade 1 target: 78% successful; Grade 2 target: 77% successful; Grade 3: 60% successful; Grade 4 target: 75% successful; Grade 5 target: 84% successful


​Math Goal for 2013-2014 School Year: We will increase math competence as measured by report card data in the number strand as follows:  Kindergarten: 80%; Grade 1 target: 98% successful; Grade 2 target: 97% successful; Grade 3 target: 74% successful; Grade 4: 87% successful; Grade 5: 95% successful
We will identify and provide for the advanced learning of math students who have achieved mastery of current grade outcomes.