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January 31
student fees and kiss/ride

On Friday, February 1st, Evergreen Park School will be hosting an exhibition girls basketball game between BMHS and Caledonia.  Moncton Magic players will be on hand for the event.  This a reward that was earned during the Walkathon for their fundraising efforts.  Students are asked to wear green in order to support both EPS and BMHS.  The Alphastars will be around to paint two simple green stripes on the faces of any students who would like to participate.  If allergies are a concern with the face paint, please send a note with your child. 


As you know, EPS is having concerns with its student Kiss and Ride area.  EPS, in conjunction with ASD-E, the local RCMP and the City of Moncton, have been fielding complaints regarding student safety, congestion, and trespassing in neighbouring driveways.  Here are the suggestions. 


More supervision will be added to the area in order to facilitate with a quicker and safer student dropoff.  This will be effective Monday, February 4th.  In light of this, EPS is asking for parent volunteers to work in tandem with EPS admin, teachers, and EAs in one-week increments from 7:40-8:00 am.  Please leave your name and contact info with the main office (856-3476) if you are available to help out. 


Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles and have their children’s belonging handy in order to speed up the line.  We are hoping to have multiple vehicles unloading at the same time.  It is also important that all vehicles advance to where an adult can help your child exit the vehicle. 


Finally, parents are reminded that the students are to be in the building by 8:00am.  This may mean leaving home a little earlier.  We are currently averaging 75 late students per day.  That translates into about 10% of our student population being late on a daily basis.  This not only congests the main office but also disrupts the learning environment.   

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