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November 20
parent/teacher re PODS

The POD system at Evergreen Park this year has resulted in many changes. Parent/teacher interviews will also be changing format this year to allow teachers to meet with as many parents as possible during the two sessions which are scheduled for Thursday 5:30 to 7:30pm and Friday 8:30 to 11:30am.

Please check with your child to determine which teacher of each subject they have seen the MOST often this term. Pod teachers will be assembled in the cafeteria by teams so that you can find them easily.  Each teacher will have a separate area to meet with the parents. You are asked to line up to meet with the teachers you wish to see in order of priority. Parents, guardians and any students attending are asked to wait a few feet back from the chairs in front of each teacher’s spot for confidentiality purposes.

Once you have finished visiting with one teacher, simply move to the line of the next teacher and so on. All teachers for that subject matter will be in close proximity should any questions arise.

Please note that if you need to speak to any teacher for a prolonged period of time, appointments may be set up at this time for other dates. We appreciate your support as we try to address any concerns in a timely manner. This format is used at many of the local high schools where parents need to meet with multiple subject teachers instead of just one classroom.

The EPS POD team thanks you for your support.

Have a nice evening.


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