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October 08
Good Evening EPS Community Re:  L.L.

Good Evening EPS Community,


This is Antigone Panagiotakis, Principal of Evergreen Park School.  I am saddened to inform you that over the weekend our school community has experienced the death of one of our staff members, Mrs. Liza Luddington, Educational  Assistant in one of our grade two classrooms. 


As a loss of this nature can have an impact on many in our school community, we have implemented a plan for responding to this situation and helping our students and staff who may be impacted.  Our staff has been briefed and have been given guidelines on discussing the incident and understanding reactions to it.  At school on Tuesday, we will maintain as normal a routine as the situation allows and encourage you to do the same.  


If you have any concerns or if you feel that your child needs assistance, please let us know and we will ensure your child sees a counsellor.

Thank you and have a pleasant evening.

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