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April 22
Talk Mail--April 22nd, 2021

Good evening,

This message is from Evergreen Park School,

We are very proud to announce the accomplishments of the following students:


Nolan Johnson and co-authors Dianya Wang and Liam Talbot were the winners of the Ryan Gunn Write for Books contest; their books will be published.  These students are in Mme Belliveau’s grade 5 French Immersion classroom.  Not too many students can say  they are published authors!   Congratulations on your accomplishment!



Congratulations to the following students for having their work showcased on the Frye Festival-Imagination at Work website.

1.       Charlotte Doyle---Grade 1 Immersion

2.       Zachary Hunter---Grade 3 Immersion

3.       Graeson Grant—Grade 4 English

4.       Georgia Pohier—Grade 4 Immersion.

Bravo for your great work!


We have an aspiring composer amongst us at EPS.  This grade 2 French Immersion student’s name is Emma Nikmaram.  Her first composition is “Stars Danced in her Eyes”.  She created this melody with a little help from her 12-year-old brother. Her melody was selected and performed by the Kentucky Chamber Orchestra, on March 21st, 2021. The Kentucky Chamber Orchestra decided to showcase Emma’s melody on YouTube kids in the hope of inspiring other children to be creative and stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This video is available for public on the following link: https://youtu.be/VbNC3REsOQ8 (Emma’s melody is at the end of the video). We are very proud of you Emma!  Who knows…. we may be hearing Emma’s melodies on the radio in the years to come!


Head lice are tiny insects that live on your scalp and need human blood to survive.  Anyone can get them, especially school-aged children.  They are considered very contagious and are spread through head-to-head contact or by sharing personal items such as brushes, hats, scarves, headphones …  Head lice have nothing to do with personal cleanliness.  Please take the time to check your child’s hair tonight.  A couple of cases have been reported at school.  If you see any nits or lice, a treatment is required.  Please do not forget to inform the school. Thank you for your help in this matter.

For $1.00 students can come to school tomorrow wearing their pajamas and sporting their silliest hairdo.  Money collected will be deposited in our Goodwill fund.  This fund helps our families in need.

Have a restful evening,

Mrs. Antigone Panagiotakis