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March 07
Talk mail---March 7th, 2021

Good evening,

This message is from Evergreen Park School.

I hope you enjoyed spending some quality time with your loved ones during the March Break. All staff is looking forward to seeing all students back in school tomorrow.  Please remember that students should be in school by the 8:00 o’clock entrance bell.  Please help us instill in all children the importance of arriving on time.

The garbage bag Home and School fundraiser will continue until March 18th.  We hope you will consider placing an order.  The money collected will go towards our playground renewal plan.

This is a friendly reminder that school is closed on Friday, March 19th.  All staff will be in school for   professional learning.

The City of Moncton has received several complaints regarding vehicles parking on Evergreen Drive. As such, the City of Moncton we will increase enforcement of the no parking areas on Evergreen Drive starting tomorrow, Monday, March 8th, 2021.  Please do not drop off your children on Evergreen Drive.  The City of Moncton is also in the process of updating the traffic and parking by-law and will likely propose restricting parking on both sides of Evergreen Drive from Sheffield Court to Clermont Street, removing the one section where parking is allowed. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please call Radya Rifaat, Transportation Engineer for the City of Moncton.

 As you are most probably aware, starting tomorrow, Monday March 8th, 2021, schools will be following the Yellow Alert Level of COVID 19.   K-5 students and homeroom teachers will not be required to wear a mask in their in class grouping; however, will be encouraged to wear a mask in common areas where grouping is not protected; physical distancing (2 meters) will also be encouraged.   All non-homeroom staff members will be encouraged to wear a mask and social distance during their workday. Please visit our school’s website to view the revised N.B. Yellow Alert Level of COVID 19 requirements and recommendations.


Have a restful evening,

Mrs. Antigone Panagiotakis