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January 25
Home and School Minutes--December 1st, 2020

Evergreen Park Home & School Association Minutes

Wednesday, December 1st, 2020

7:05pm- 8:17pm via Zoom



Erin Drover, President                                                                   

Laura Frost, Vice President                                                           

Amanda Atkinson, Secretary                                                       

Terri-Lynn Cail, Treasurer

Tiffany Dixon, Member

Merydie McInnis, Member


1)      Welcome/Opening Remarks

·         Erin began the meeting at 7:05pm. There were no first-time attendees


2)      Additions to Agenda/Approval of Agenda

·         Motion made by Terri-Lynn, seconded by Laura


3)      Business Arising from Minutes

·         Christmas wall mural – Withdrew idea due to timing

·         Board games – Class Wish List (Michelle MacLean)

°         Michelle is working with Mrs. Panagiotakis. Teachers will be able to choose one item for their classrooms (~$50) that will purchased by EPSHA, wrapped and delivered before Christmas.

°         Suggestion for Michelle to distribute candy canes to classrooms with board games

°         Consider purchasing at Scholars Choice to support local business

·         Christmas concert video feed – Withdrew idea due to privacy

·         Flip Give (Laura Frost) Laura will reactivate and prepare a pamphlet

·         Christmas Families (Erin Drover)

°         Not directly affiliated with EPSHA

°         Erin works with Mrs. Panagiotakis to provide Christmas gifts to 10 families


4)      Treasurer’s Report

·         Financial Statement (Terri-Lynn Cail)


5)      Committee Report

·         School Clothing (Amanda Atkinson)

°         Paper order form was distributed November 23rd

°         Online form posted on Facebook

°         Previous email address was incorrectly listed on the form, resulting in 7 auto deposits that were not linked to names. These have been matched to order forms and verified.

°         Order due date is December 18th, 2020


·         Literacy Week (Tiffany Dixon)

°         Mrs. Law has indicated she is willing to participate     

°         There will be no assembly as in previous years due to Covid  

°         I Spy a Reader/Guess how many bookworms were well liked activities to consider repeating

°         New suggestion- Cookies for “You’re a Smart Cookie” theme


·         Library Books – Gift wrapping (Kristy Bhibah)

°         Volunteers to help Mrs. Law wrap books for Christmas can connect directly with her or Kristy Bhibah


6)      Correspondence

·         Negative remark regarding Holiday Fundraiser. Erin will follow up with parent concern


7)      New Business

·         Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention

°         Request from Mrs. Panagiotakis for Orange level kit

°         All agreed to sponsor one half of the $4100 cost

·         Fence extension

°         Due to high expense this would be considered a long-term goal


8)      Review Living Calendar

·         Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week - February 8th – 12th, 2021 – Lead?

·         Move drive-in theatre night to spring?  Lead?


9)      Other (Agenda Additions)

·         Next Fundraiser Idea

°         Catalogue Candy

°         Chocolate Bars

°         Krispy Kreme

°         Cookie Dough

°         Coffee

°         Garbage Bags


10)   Date and Time of Next Meeting

·         January 27th, 2021 @7pm via Zoom


11)   Adjournment

·         Meeting adjourned @ 8:17pm​