School Staff Directory

Mr. Josh BooneTeacher
Grades 3-4
Ms. Kim CrossmanEducational Assistant
Ms. Barbara EstabrooksEducational Assistant
Mrs. C. Ryan EstabrooksTeacher
Teaches Grade 1/2
Mrs. Heather HuntTeacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Barbi KayeAdministrative Assistant
Ms. Chelsea MacNeilTeacher
Teaches the Flora progam, french learning for rural schools to grades K-8
Mrs. Heather MilnerEducational Assistant
Mrs. Tammy PurdyTeacher
Team Teaches grade 3/4 also middle level Science and Technology
Mrs. Jenna SteevesGuidance Counsellor
Guidance Counsellor here every Thursday all day.
Ms. Virginia TingleyTeacher
Ms. Lisa wellsTeacher
Teaches Grade 5-8 Math and is Resource Teacher