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May 29
May 29, 2020

Hello everyone.  Today is Friday, May 29th and this is Mrs. Godfrey with some messages from Caledonia. 

We all received a scare this week with what is happening in northern New Brunswick.  Plans that have been made in Zone 5 of our province have been changed in the blink of an eye.  From what I understand, contact tracing is still ongoing. 

We have plans in place for end of year celebrations – including promotional acknowledgement of our Grade 8 students, a virtual acknowledgement of Excelsior Award Recipients, and of course Graduation 2020.  I do need to let you know that we have no guarantee that any plans will become a reality.  So much depends on the health of our province and the directives received from Public Health. 

Currently, staff are scheduled to return to the building on Monday, June 1st.  The building is not open to the public.  If you would like to contact any teacher, please reach out to them directly either by phone or email or contact our main office at 734-3710.  We will contact you and arrange  a call or make a virtual appointment.  

Home Learning and weekly teacher contacts with students are scheduled to end on Friday, June 12th.  Instructions on student report card delivery or pick-up will be shared in the weeks ahead. 

I wish to express my gratitude to our Caledonia community as our staff continues to navigate through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Thank you very much for listening.  Have a wonderful weekend.  ​

May 25
Student Council Election Package 2020-2021

Student Council Elections for 2020 - 2021

Thank you for showing interest in running for next year’s student council!
In this packet you will find everything you need to run:

Ø  Election Information Form

Ø  Nomination Form

Ø  Application Questions

Ø  Teacher/Administration Candidacy Support

Ø  Two Teacher Recommendation Forms (separate attachment for you to send to two teachers)

Ø  Checklist and Important Date

Ø  Description of Student Council Positions


According to the CHRS Extra-Curricular Code of Conduct in order to run for any council position you must consider the following:


-      You must be passing all courses and be in good academic standing.

-      You must represent your school well in the community at all times. It is important to understand that your actions reflect directly on the entire school, students, staff, and alumni.

-      You must understand that how you behave outside the school and away from the school environment is a significant consideration when deciding eligibility. This includes the use of social media.

-      You must make positive choices with the understanding that all choices, - both good and bad - have consequences.

-      Failure to make positive choices while representing CRHS in and away from the school environment could result in dismissal from Student Council.

-      Social media posts that have a negative impact on the school- including school personnel and fellow students - will result in automatic dismissal from the Council.  Dismissal is at the discretion of the administration and teacher liaison.

-      Council members work constructively with school personnel and the students they represent in positive ways to attain positive outcomes for everyone. 

-      The use of drugs and / or alcohol is strictly prohibited and will automatically result in a dismissal from Student Council.

Student council is a full year commitment that begins in June 2020 and continues through summer until after Prom and Graduation June 2021. While you are permitted and encouraged to take part in other sports and activities, if elected your position on council must be your priority. If significant conflicts arise, you may be required to abandon other activities or step down from council.

Upon signing this form, I am indicating that I have read and understand the above expectations.


Student Signature: __________________________  Date: _____________________


Parent Signature: ___________________________  Date: ______________________

Nomination Form     2020-2021

Full Name: ________________________

Grade Level: _____

Homeroom: ______________

Two Teachers who have agreed to complete the teacher reference form for you:

1)    ______________________________________

2)   ______________________________________

Positions you are interested in (in order of preference):

1)    _____________________________________

2)   _____________________________________

3)   _____________________________________

*You will not run for a specific position; it will simply help give us an idea of your area of interest

List all activities (extra-curricular, volunteer, work…) that you have been or are currently involved in. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Application Questions

Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. Answers should be in complete sentences and typed below the question.

1)    Why do you want to be a member of Caledonia Regional Student Council? If you are a current member, why are you interested in continuing your involvement?

2)   What qualities and strengths would you bring to the student council team? If you are a current member, what strengths will you continue to bring to the team? How have you displayed these qualities in the past?

3)   Our number one goal as a Student Council is student involvement and creating a positive school environment. If elected, what are some ideas you have to promote / increase these two factors?

4)   As we move into the next school year what are some activities you would like to help keep and what are some new ideas/activities that you would like to see implemented?


 Teacher / Administration Candidacy Support


Mrs. Godfrey, Principal: Support received from Mrs. Godfrey  

 ___ yes ____ no


2 Teachers:  Support received from 2 teachers

---- yes   ----- no


Checklist and Important Dates

CRHS Student Council Application Checklist

ÿ       I (and parents/guardians) have read and signed the election information form.

ÿ       I have completed the nomination form, including the application questions.

ÿ       I have found 2 Teachers who will complete the Teacher Reference Form for me. (Teachers will e-mail these forms directly to Mrs. Murray)

ÿ        I have received approval from Mrs. Godfrey.


Monday, June 1stAll applications are due to Mrs. Murray by e-mail


Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.



Student Council Positions


i. All elected members are responsible to conduct themselves in a positive & mature manner,
remembering that they represent the school at all times.  This applies to all activities,
events, social gatherings, and use of social media.

ii. All members are strongly encouraged to attend all school-sponsored activities to promote school spirit. If you cannot attend an event/activity, notice is expected to be given at least 2 school days in advance.

iii. All members are required to attend all meetings, unless a valid reason is presented to the teacher advisor in advance.

iv. Members are responsible to bring any new ideas or concerns to the council and teacher advisor, prior to carrying out any actions on behalf of the student council.

v. Student Council business is considered secondary only to academic obligations. Student Council members must be passing all courses in order to be a member of the council. If a student receives an At-Risk Report and, or receives a failing mark on a report card, the student’s position will be suspended and they will placed on probation, until a passing mark is obtained. If a passing mark is not obtained by the next reporting period, the student’s position will be terminated for the remainder of the year.


·         Once elected for a position on Student Council, these specific positions will be awarded by the Student Council Advisor(s), and the Caledonia Regional School Administration.

(Must be a grade 12 student)

  • Acts as a representative for the ideas and concerns of the student body to the administration and to the community.
  • Calls, prepares an agenda for, and presides over all Student Council meetings.
  • Oversees all of the functions of the student council.
  • Gives direction, assistance, guidance, and praise.
  • Acts as a facilitator during discussion.
  • Reports to and works with advisor on all planning.
  • Acts as the student representative on the Parent Support Committee (PSSC) and provide feedback to the Student Council.
  • Acts a mentor to all other student council members.
  • Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.




Vice President (Open to grade 11 and 12 students)

  • Works closely with President and aids them with day-to-day duties.
  • Presides over and assumes President’s duties when needed.
  • Works with President and Treasurer in preparing calendar and budget.
  • Assists the President in preparing meeting agendas.
  • Prepares “To Do” lists for upcoming events.
  • Prepares and reads the student council announcements at assemblies, unless otherwise decided by the council.
  • Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.


Treasurer (Open to grade 11 and 12 students with preference given to level of responsibility)

·                       Prepares, organizes and is responsible for the floats for every activity.

·                       Coordinates admission and canteen (where required) for student council activities.

·           Counts and deposits money for every event in a timely manner. All money must be deposited to the main office daily. An advisor must sign off prior to deposit.

·                       Prepares a budget for every event (to include expenses, money in and profit made).

·                       Prepares a monthly budget overview for advisor and administration.

·           Documents all purchases made by council, collect all receipts and complete all “Request for funds” forms. Purchases must be approved by advisor in advance of purchases.

·           Works closely with the Student council advisor.

·            Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit



·            Takes accurate minutes of all student council meetings.  These minutes are then to be typed,  
         placed into a binder, and e-mailed to all council members and advisors.

·            Creates and updates the student council calendar of events (Council Calendar & School

·            Contacts advisors and administration to obtain approval for suggested student council events
         and dates.

·            Sends all e-mails / communication within Student Council.

·           Prepares all information and E-mails that are to be sent out to Staff (E-mails / requests to be typed up and then sent to advisor to approve and send to the rest of the staff).

·         Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.


Public Relations Coordinator

·           Keeps CRHS students, staff and community up to date with activities/events. Media contact needs to be made (newspaper / TV/ Radio, District “What’s Happening” etc.)

·           Updates Social Media: Facebook Page (Caledonia Regional Tigers), Twitter (@crhsnb), and
         Remind (@chrsup).

·           Keeps the Student Council section of the CRHS website exciting and updated with upcoming
         events and photos of past events.

·           Prepares all student council related announcements

·           Keeps TV monitor screens updated

·           Works with the Events Coordinator to keep the events calendar up to date

·           Acts as a liaison between the yearbook and student council.

·         Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.


Community Support Coordinator

·           Within the first two months of the school year, the Community Support Coordinator will have a
         meeting to determine which areas to concentrate council fundraising efforts on.

·           Reaches out to other school clubs / organizations to run other important events/fundraisers.

·           Develops and organizes volunteer opportunities to reach out to the community. (Minimum one
         event per year)

·           Acts as a contact to students and teachers to combine our efforts to help those in need.

·         Develops an updated contact list for all outside community contacts.

·         Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.


CHRS Events Coordinator  

·       Organizes school activities and events including:

o   Rookie Week

o   Dances

o   Evening Events (Coffee Houses, Movie Night, Games Night etc.)

o   Christmas Parade Float (Hillsborough)

o   Parent/Teacher Night

·       Develops the student council activity binder and keeps it up to date.

·       Works with Public Relations to keep the school event calendar up to date. 

·       Acts as a liaison between the student council and other CRHS teams/committees/groups.

·       Organizes chaperones & volunteers for events.

·         Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.

CRHS Spirit Reps

·                      Works very closely with Events Coordinator.

·                      Organizes spirit activities / encourages school spirit for

o   Pep Rallies

o   Spirit Games

o   School Atmosphere in general

·           Organizes and runs theme weeks. These will occur one week per month.

·           Organizes spirit related activities to bring the student body together at assemblies:

o   Grade Competitions

o   Game Shows

o   Spirit Videos

o   School Yells/Chant

·           Attends school sponsored extra-curricular activities to promote school involvement and spirit.

May 25
May 25, 2020

Today is Monday, May 25th and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a message for students in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11 at Caledonia Regional High School.

I would like to invite you to consider becoming a member of the Caledonia Student Council for the upcoming school year.  Although we still do not know what next year will bring, we do know that we need a committed and dedicated student voice.  If you would like to become a member of our 2020-2021 Student Council, please review the documents attached to this email.  The Student Council package is also available on our school website. 

New Brunswick is doing very well in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although we must still abide by very strict Public Health restrictions, we do have plans in motion to recognize our Grade 8 students.  If all continues to go well, and we are permitted to do so, we will schedule safe times to present our Grade 8 students with their promotional certificate before the end of this school year. Moving from Middle School to High School is a celebration and a milestone that we want to recognize.  Be very proud as you transition from Middle School to High School at Caledonia – and know that we are very proud of you. 

Take care everyone.​ 

May 22
May 22, 2020

Today is Friday, May 22nd and this is Mrs. Godfrey.

On our website home page - just above the Talk Mail listings - you will find a link to a letter shared by our Superintendent to our Graduates and their families.  

Caledonia Grad Council advisors and I have been meeting regularly to share ideas and discuss options for Graduation 2020 – while adhering to guidelines communicated by the province during this pandemic. 

After meeting with our Grad Class Executive this morning, I can share with you that our current plan is to celebrate the milestone of Graduation at Caledonia throughout the day on Friday, June 19th.  Students will receive a designated individual time to arrive at the school with their family and instructions on the process to follow to receive their diploma.  Graduation gowns and yearbooks will be available from the school on Friday, June 18th by pre-determined appointments for graduates.  More details on this process will follow in the upcoming days.  I thank you for your patience. 

We are all hoping that New Brunswick can continue with an expanded bubble for family and friends in the days ahead.    

Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.​ 

May 11
May 11, 2020
May 01
Friday, May 1, 2020

Hello everyone.  It is Mrs. Godfrey on Friday, May 1st with some messages from Caledonia.

A reminder to our Caledonia families that students can come to the school next week – Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th to pick up their personal belongings. 

The procedure to follow is posted on our school website – and the details can be found on the school website as well - under School News.  I have included this document to this voice message so you will have access to it in your email. 

A limited number of students will have access to the building at pre-set times. 

Please dress for the weather conditions that day as outdoor wait times are unpredictable.

Admission to the building will be by grade level and alphabetical.  Please observe your designated day and time.   

9 – 9:30 – Last name A-F

9:45- 10:15 – Last name G-L

10:30 – 11 – Last name M-R

11:15 – 11:45 – Last name S-Z

Monday morning will be reserved for our Grade 12 students.

Tuesday – Students in grades 6 and 9

Wednesday – Students in grades 7 and 10

Thursday – Students in grades 8 and 11

Siblings living in the same house may select one day – based on any grade level represented – and enter at the same time.  Alphabetical admission times apply. 

Friday will be reserved for those families who choose to collect belongings from Hillsborough Elementary and Caledonia on the same day.  It is an option that is available to these families.  Alphabetical admission times apply to Caledonia on this day as well.    

Entrance will be at the Office doors with a sign in system in place at the front desk.  Students will exit the building through the Courtyard Doors in the Grade 6 hallway.   

Please note that there is a very strict procedure to follow.  Classrooms will not be open, but if you have items that are in a classroom, notify me in advance – by email or phone - and I will set them outside the classroom for you.

Bring your own bag for your things and follow the procedures outlined in the document for returning school property – including locks. Staff will be on site to assist with the flow of traffic.  All guidelines outlined by Public Health will be followed.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to familiarize yourself with the procedure to be followed.  Once again – this is in your email and on our school website – under School News.

A reminder to students in Grade 12 – online submissions of Letter C applications are due on May 15th.

Students in grade 11 and 12 who are working for the notation of credit on their transcript (as opposed to enrolled) are asked to have their work to their subject teacher on or before June 15. 

We will soon begin our online course selection process for students entering Grade 10, 11 and 12.   I will share those details with you next week.

These are certainly unprecedented times and I hope you are all doing well.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see our students next week. 

Take care everyone.  If you need anything, please reach out to us.  Teachers are providing work and reaching out to assigned lists of students on a weekly basis.  Our lines of communication continue to be open for you. ​ 

April 28
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today is Tuesday, April 28, 2020 and this is Mrs. Godfrey.  I hope that this voice mail finds your family doing well in this difficult time.  

A reminder that the Caledonia Home Learning Plan is posted on our school website and  all teacher emails can be found there as well as some valuable information, resources and phone numbers. 

Yesterday, Anglophone East received permission to share a plan for the distribution of student belongings that have been left in the school.  Later this week, I will be sharing this plan with you via email and I will post it on our school website.  Specific grade levels will be able to access the school and admission times are pre-set and alphabetical for the week beginning Monday, May 4th.   Only 1 student (and his / her parent) may enter the building at a given time.  There will be a limit of how many people in total may be in the building.  Siblings living in the same house may enter together with a parent.  Protocol and procedures will be very strict and follow the directives we have received from Public Health.  This will be a time for students to clean out their locker, pick up their assigned assistive technology – if applicable.  I am happy to share that grad hoodies will also be available for pick up. 

Once again - Later this week, I will be sharing with you via email a student schedule for retrieving items that are in the school.  The retrieval process will begin next week at pre-set alphabetical and grade level times.

Grade 12 students – Post-secondary institutions have shared important information this week in terms of the benefits of working to obtain the notation of credit on your transcript for English, Math, and Science courses.  The transcript notation of credit (as opposed to enrolled) on your transcript – at many post secondary institutions – will prevent you from requiring a remediation course in the fall.   There are many ways to pursue a notation of credit - some that require technology and some that require no technology.  If your situation permits, please reach out to the Guidance Counselor – or your subject teacher - for additional information on this important post-secondary information.   You can also contact me directly. 

Take care. If I can be of any help, please reach out to me.  

Donna Godfrey, Principal​

April 16
Thursday, April 16, 2020

Today is Thursday, April 16th and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few messages from Caledonia Regional. 

Although we are unable to be with our students daily, our support continues for our Caledonia Tigers in Grades 6 through 12 while we are apart. 

The Caledonia Home Learning Plan is posted on our school website and all teacher emails can be found there as well as some valuable information and resources. 

All students in our school have been assigned a teacher advisor who will be a family’s weekly connection with our school. This teacher will be able to provide you with general next steps in learning as well as support for parents and students. Parents and students can reach out to any subject teacher as needed. Our teachers are here to support you and understand that we are all living in a very uncertain and anxious time. We do not want to put any additional stress on families. At the same time, we want you to know that we are available to guide students in their continued learning.

Students can access their student email account from any home device. Instructions for obtaining student username and resetting passwords is available on our website. I have attached the instructions to this message as well as some important phone numbers.

It is important to keep in mind that all students are considered enrolled and will move on to the next grade when school resumes. Students in Grade 12 who were enrolled in the courses required to graduate, will receive their diploma. All students are encouraged to engage in home learning opportunities provided by teachers – to the extent they are able.

Students in Grades 11 and 12 - who are able - may complete the competencies in courses and may receive a notation of ‘credit’ vs. ‘enrolled’ on their transcript. Students who wish to do so are encouraged to maintain contact with their subject teacher. This difference in notation (‘credit’ vs. ‘enrolled’) will indicate to a post-secondary institution that a student has completed the competencies for that subject.  No final grades will be provided. Both notations – ‘credit’ and ‘enrolled’ – satisfy the requirement to be awarded a NB High School Diploma. 

We recognize that this is a shift in learning, teaching, and communicating and that everyone has a unique reality during this global pandemic and a state of emergency. 

Teachers have contributed general resources by subject area.  These are available through the Department of Education – At Home Learning – and on the Anglophone East website.  Teachers may direct students to some of these resources for their home learning options.

These resources can be found at:

We are not currently permitted to allow students or parents access to the school.  Our district is consulting with the Department of Health on how to allow students to retrieve personal items that have been left in the school. I will notify students and parents when more information becomes available.

As I mentioned, there are resources available through the Department of Education, on our district website and on our Caledonia school website. If I can provide you with additional assistance at this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take care. I hope to see you soon.

Donna Godfrey, Principal​

April 15
April 3, 2020

Hello everyone.  Today is Friday, April 3rd and this is Mrs. Godfrey from Caledonia Regional. 


Yesterday, the Minister of Education announced that public schools will likely not re-open this school year. 

We know how important it is for your child to maintain the positive connections with our school.  Beginning next week, a teacher from Caledonia will reach out to your family by phone.  The purpose of these calls is to share and support the framework of our District’s home learning plan.  The teacher who contacts your home will do so each week.  This teacher will be a direct link- maintaining social connections between your family and Caledonia in addition to providing some direction and guidance on where and how to access learning resources.

This will be a weekly contact with your son / daughter and with you by the same teacher.  During these conversations, teachers will encourage students to continue learning and offer suggestions and resource opportunities.  This weekly contact is meant to support and  – in the case of no internet connection – offer suggestions of appropriate activities based on the resources available at home.

Remember 30 minutes each day of reading  and 30 minutes each day of some type of physical activity is always good for your mental fitness.  Begin with setting aside some time in your day for these 2 activities if your circumstance permits.

It is important to remember that our province is still within a state of emergency and we are all living within a global pandemic.  When the province removes the state of emergency conditions -  access to travel and resources may look different.  At that time, the type of materials and supports provided to families may be able to be supplemented. 


In Grades 6 – 8, the primary focus is English, Math,  Social Studies, and Science.  The same disciplines remain a focus for grades 9 – 10 with the addition of Personal Development and Career Planning.  At the grade 11-12 level the learning focus is on those core high school courses – English, Math, Sciences, Technology, French, and History. 

Grade 12 transcripts are a point of discussion provincially.  Grade 12 students may continue doing the work required to demonstrate competency of the outcomes in those core Grade 12 courses.  If this is satisfactory, they could receive an accreditation of ‘credit earned’ as opposed to ‘enrolled’ on their final transcript.

Schools remain closed for students and staff until otherwise communicated by the Chief Medical Officer.

My thoughts are with you all – especially our Grade 12 students.  Everything is looking different and we will all adjust.  We look forward to a time when we can congratulate and celebrate with you in person.  We just don’t know what that will look like at the present time. 

Take care everyone.​ 

April 15
March 26, 2020

Hello everyone.  Today is Thursday, March 26th, 2020 and this is Mrs. Godfrey from Caledonia.


Over the past few weeks, school principals have been asked to limit all communication from the school.  Priority messages have been related to the health and safety of our students and have been shared with families by either the Anglophone East Office of the Superintendent or the New Brunswick Department of Education. 


We have been given the green light to reach out to our school community once again. 


These are very anxious times for everyone as we are all  in the midst of a global pandemic and a state of emergency.  I want you all to know that we are working diligently on plans to continue learning.  Students – who are able - may reach out to teachers via email -or other virtual means – and teachers – who are able - may reach out to students.   At this point, all virtual connections between teachers and students are completely voluntary - with the unique purpose of sharing learning resources so that learning may continue.  The focus of this student / teacher re-connection is not assessment or evaluation. 


There will be no reporting period in April of this year for Kindergarten through Grade 12.   


We will be posting some great learning resources - that have been recommended by our teachers - on our school Facebook page – Caledonia Regional Tigers – for those who have access.


We continue to follow the March 20th directive from the Deputy Minister of Education  which states “New Brunswick’s K-12 school system will be closed until further notice.  This closure status will be reassessed during the first week of April.  Parents and students should not expect home learning options until April at the earliest.”


We are uncertain what will unfold in the coming weeks in respect to learning options  or a return to school.  Whatever decisions are made in terms of learning expectations for students will need to be equitable.  It is understood that not all homes have access to technology – so switching to an online learning platform  for instruction, assessment, and evaluation is not necessarily the best fit for all.


Our number 1 priority  is the health and safety of our Caledonia community.    Take care of each other.  Continue to follow the directives of the leaders within the Public Health Sector.  Take action to stay healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and encourage those you know to do the same.


We miss you and look forward to the time when we can all be together again.  ​