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September 04
September 4, 2020

Hello everyone!  It is Mrs. Godfrey with a baker’s dozen of reminders about Returning to School.

  1.  I am excited about seeing you again – and so is the staff!
  2. Tuesday, September 8th – The only Middle School students who come to school are our newest TTGERS – our Grade 6 students.  Students in Grade 7 and 8 do not come to school on Tuesday.  Coming also on Tuesday is our High School Group A.  If your last name BEGINS with the letters A through M  - you are registered in our system as Group A.
  3. Wednesday, September 9th – All Middle School students attend school.  Coming also on Wednesday is our High School Group B.  If your last name BEGINS with the letters N through Z – you are registered in our system as Group B.
  4. Thursday, September 10th – All Middle School students attend.  High School Group A attend.  Friday, September 11th – All Middle School students attend.  High School Group B attend.
  5.  All Middle School students continue to attend 5 days a week.  High School attendance is rotational.  The second week – Group A attend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Group B attend on Tuesday and Thursday.  The next week, it flips.  This is all on our School Website under the EVENTS tab at the top.
  6. Food Service is not available from our cafeteria until October 5th.  There are no microwaves available for student use.
  7. Students do not need to bring more school supplies than they can carry.  Just bring enough supplies to have a good start on that first day.  Do not overload yourself! Every student must have a mask.  Tip:  Arrive with a pre-filled water bottle. 
  8. Parents – please register for School Cash Online – where you will find all fees and forms.  The first day, a paper copy of each student’s demographic profile will go home.  Please review the information on this sheet and make any necessary adjustments.  The information on this sheet is the information in our system. It is vital that it is correct.  Send the verified sheet back with your son / daughter on the next day of school.
  9. Pre-screen prior to sending to school for COVID-19.  A COVID-19 checklist will go home with your son / daughter on the first day.  This is considered passive screening.  No form required.
  10. We know this is an anxious time for everyone.  Please take comfort in knowing that our Operational Plan has been reviewed extensively with all the personnel inside this building.  Students will arrive on Tuesday morning and be greeted by our staff and escorted to their classroom.  We are unable to accommodate parent and caregiver escorts for students on these first days. 
  11. Caledonia’s COVID -19 Operational Plan is posted on our school website – under Quick Links.  The Plan shared yesterday in an email contained a clerical error and that has been amended.  As updates are required, I will add them to the plan. Also posted on our website – under the Quick Links Tab are some tips for parents and caregivers when preparing students for a return to school.
  12. Thank you to the members of the Dawson Church.  These kind folks remember Caledonia students each year with donations of school supplies and money to help with additional school supply purchases.  We will put it to good use!  Also – to the kind person who anonymously dropped off hand made masks for our students.  Thank you.  Parents, if your child has a need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly – or to your son / daughter’s teacher.  No one needs to go without supplies or a mask. 
  13. Finally - I will return to my first point to make a fully rounded baker’s dozen … I am very excited to see you back in the halls of Caledonia.  To our newest TIGERS – A roaring welcome to Caledonia Regional.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone. ​