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August 12
July 23, 2020

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Today is Thursday, July 23rd and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few messages from Caledonia Regional.

Today, I want to provide our Caledonia families with some of the most recent and significant information that has been shared publicly this week in respect to beginning school in the fall.

Attached to this email – and on our school website – you will find 2 important pieces of information.  The first is a letter to families from our Superintendent which highlights several points for consideration – including public access to schools, bussing, and cafeteria service.  The second letter is a News Release from the Department of Education explaining the criteria for a subsidy program available for students from low to middle income families who do not currently own a learning device – such as a tablet or laptop.  Families will be provided with up to $600 per high school student to purchase a learning device through the program depending on their eligibility. Applications are completed through the Parent Portal online as of July 31, 2020.  For more information about this program, you can also contact 1-833-901-1963.

A generic list for school supplies for Middle School students is found on the Anglophone East website.  This list is used by all Middle Schools in our district and is very extensive.  Please use your discretion when purchasing supplies and keep some items at home until needed.  For example, the list indicates 4 erasers.  A student only needs 1 eraser – the others (if purchased) can be kept at home until needed.  

I hope this voice message finds you all well.  I miss you all and I am excited to see you in the fall.  This summer, we will continue to work on our Operational Plan and provide you with all the daily operational details prior to September.  Safety for everyone remains our primary priority. 

Take care everyone!​