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May 31
Message to Graduates

Hello graduates.  Today is Sunday, May 31st  and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few updates on our celebration plans for the end of the year.

We all received a scare this past week with what is happening in northern New Brunswick.  Plans that have been made in Zone 5 of our province have been changed in the blink of an eye.    

We have a plan for Caledonia’s Graduation celebration.  I do need to let you know that we have no guarantee that this plan will become a reality.  So much depends on the health of our province and the directives received from Public Health. 

There are strict guidelines by which we must abide to ensure the safety of our students, their families, and the staff of our building.

Currently, our plan is to schedule appointments for graduates to pick up their graduation gown, invitations, and yearbook on Thursday morning, June 18th. Graduates may pick up their gown themselves or make arrangements with a family member to do so.   Times for pick-up will be shared soon. 

Plans are in place to celebrate Graduation throughout the day on Friday, June 19th with the first scheduled appointment at 9 am.  Graduates will be scheduled alphabetically throughout the day.  Graduates will be able to invite up to 10 guests at the moment.  Caps, tassels, and programs will be given on this day.   Appointment times will be shared soon with gown pick-up times. 

Please remember, all these plans could become more restrictive and are dependent on the most recent directives from Public Health.  Our intended goal is to make the event as special as we can for you during an unprecedented time.  

We have some wonderful plans  and I hope that everyone will begin and end the day knowing that we care deeply for you.  We are committed and invested in making this last walk across the Caledonia stage as memorable as possible.  


You all did a super job fundraising for your prom and safe grad.  Since you will not be having a traditional prom and safe grad celebration, it is important to us that the funds you raised are used as inclusively as possible. 


From the total you fundraised, we have purchased some things to help make the graduation celebration extra special for each of you – which you will receive on Graduation Day.  There is some money remaining that has not yet been allocated.  We would like your voice on how to best use it.  Because this money is from school raised funds, it needs to be used for school sanctioned events. We will be sending you a survey this week where you can provide us with some feedback on how to allocate the remaining fundraised funds. 


Please note:  This does not include money you paid for prom tickets, safe grad tickets, grad breakfast tickets, dragon boat.  These payments will be reimbursed to each individual graduate from the District Finance Department. 


The $100 grad fee is not refunded.  It includes the traditional graduation expenses - grad gown rental, souvenir hat and 2020 tassel, flowers, invitations, programs, diploma cover.   All of these are ordered months in advance.   


I hope that this provides you with some clarity of what our plans are for your upcoming celebration.  I hope that Graduation 2020 will be a memorable celebration within your family circle during these unprecedented times.  


I am pleased to announce that the votes are in – The Valedictorian for Caledonia’s graduating class of  2020 is Will Berry.  Will’s speech will be shared virtually on different online platforms the day of graduation.  Congratulations Will!​

Congratulations to the Caledonia Graduating Class of 2020!