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May 22
May 22, 2020

Today is Friday, May 22nd and this is Mrs. Godfrey.

On our website home page - just above the Talk Mail listings - you will find a link to a letter shared by our Superintendent to our Graduates and their families.  

Caledonia Grad Council advisors and I have been meeting regularly to share ideas and discuss options for Graduation 2020 – while adhering to guidelines communicated by the province during this pandemic. 

After meeting with our Grad Class Executive this morning, I can share with you that our current plan is to celebrate the milestone of Graduation at Caledonia throughout the day on Friday, June 19th.  Students will receive a designated individual time to arrive at the school with their family and instructions on the process to follow to receive their diploma.  Graduation gowns and yearbooks will be available from the school on Friday, June 18th by pre-determined appointments for graduates.  More details on this process will follow in the upcoming days.  I thank you for your patience. 

We are all hoping that New Brunswick can continue with an expanded bubble for family and friends in the days ahead.    

Take care everyone and have a lovely weekend.​