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May 01
Friday, May 1, 2020

Hello everyone.  It is Mrs. Godfrey on Friday, May 1st with some messages from Caledonia.

A reminder to our Caledonia families that students can come to the school next week – Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th to pick up their personal belongings. 

The procedure to follow is posted on our school website – and the details can be found on the school website as well - under School News.  I have included this document to this voice message so you will have access to it in your email. 

A limited number of students will have access to the building at pre-set times. 

Please dress for the weather conditions that day as outdoor wait times are unpredictable.

Admission to the building will be by grade level and alphabetical.  Please observe your designated day and time.   

9 – 9:30 – Last name A-F

9:45- 10:15 – Last name G-L

10:30 – 11 – Last name M-R

11:15 – 11:45 – Last name S-Z

Monday morning will be reserved for our Grade 12 students.

Tuesday – Students in grades 6 and 9

Wednesday – Students in grades 7 and 10

Thursday – Students in grades 8 and 11

Siblings living in the same house may select one day – based on any grade level represented – and enter at the same time.  Alphabetical admission times apply. 

Friday will be reserved for those families who choose to collect belongings from Hillsborough Elementary and Caledonia on the same day.  It is an option that is available to these families.  Alphabetical admission times apply to Caledonia on this day as well.    

Entrance will be at the Office doors with a sign in system in place at the front desk.  Students will exit the building through the Courtyard Doors in the Grade 6 hallway.   

Please note that there is a very strict procedure to follow.  Classrooms will not be open, but if you have items that are in a classroom, notify me in advance – by email or phone - and I will set them outside the classroom for you.

Bring your own bag for your things and follow the procedures outlined in the document for returning school property – including locks. Staff will be on site to assist with the flow of traffic.  All guidelines outlined by Public Health will be followed.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to familiarize yourself with the procedure to be followed.  Once again – this is in your email and on our school website – under School News.

A reminder to students in Grade 12 – online submissions of Letter C applications are due on May 15th.

Students in grade 11 and 12 who are working for the notation of credit on their transcript (as opposed to enrolled) are asked to have their work to their subject teacher on or before June 15. 

We will soon begin our online course selection process for students entering Grade 10, 11 and 12.   I will share those details with you next week.

These are certainly unprecedented times and I hope you are all doing well.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see our students next week. 

Take care everyone.  If you need anything, please reach out to us.  Teachers are providing work and reaching out to assigned lists of students on a weekly basis.  Our lines of communication continue to be open for you. ​