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April 28
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today is Tuesday, April 28, 2020 and this is Mrs. Godfrey.  I hope that this voice mail finds your family doing well in this difficult time.  

A reminder that the Caledonia Home Learning Plan is posted on our school website and  all teacher emails can be found there as well as some valuable information, resources and phone numbers. 

Yesterday, Anglophone East received permission to share a plan for the distribution of student belongings that have been left in the school.  Later this week, I will be sharing this plan with you via email and I will post it on our school website.  Specific grade levels will be able to access the school and admission times are pre-set and alphabetical for the week beginning Monday, May 4th.   Only 1 student (and his / her parent) may enter the building at a given time.  There will be a limit of how many people in total may be in the building.  Siblings living in the same house may enter together with a parent.  Protocol and procedures will be very strict and follow the directives we have received from Public Health.  This will be a time for students to clean out their locker, pick up their assigned assistive technology – if applicable.  I am happy to share that grad hoodies will also be available for pick up. 

Once again - Later this week, I will be sharing with you via email a student schedule for retrieving items that are in the school.  The retrieval process will begin next week at pre-set alphabetical and grade level times.

Grade 12 students – Post-secondary institutions have shared important information this week in terms of the benefits of working to obtain the notation of credit on your transcript for English, Math, and Science courses.  The transcript notation of credit (as opposed to enrolled) on your transcript – at many post secondary institutions – will prevent you from requiring a remediation course in the fall.   There are many ways to pursue a notation of credit - some that require technology and some that require no technology.  If your situation permits, please reach out to the Guidance Counselor – or your subject teacher - for additional information on this important post-secondary information.   You can also contact me directly. 

Take care. If I can be of any help, please reach out to me.  

Donna Godfrey, Principal​