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April 26
Monday, April 26, 2021

Today is Monday, April 26th and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few messages from Caledonia Regional.

The Caledonia Student Council is springing into spring with theme days each day this week.  Tomorrow is Jersey Day.  Wednesday is Flannel Day.  Thursday is Disney & Sunglasses Day and Friday is Pajama Day.  Thank you, Student Council, for brightening our Caledonia days.

Kathy Dewolfe-Tower is hosting an online Charity Bingo for Graduation 2021.   The event will take place this Thursday evening, April 29th at 7 pm.  Get your Bingo card by connecting with Kathy on Facebook or by calling her at 850-2851. 

All Grads are invited to an online TEAMS meeting this Wednesday evening beginning at 6 pm.  Information about Graduation 2021 will be discussed with graduates at that time prior to release to the public.

An announcement was made this past weekend that high school students would NOT be returning to full in person learning this school year.  We will maintain our current rotational track system of Track A and Track B.

If you are experiencing any problems with accessing your child’s information on our Parent Portal, please contact our Admin Assistant directly at the school at 734-3710. Through this portal, you can access your child’s attendance, schedule, graduation requirements, course selection, and historical grades. 

A reminder that our Cafeteria is available for food purchases daily.

As cases of COVID continue to be concerning, we remind our staff and students daily of the importance of remaining vigilant.  We continue to wear a mask in our parking lot and whenever we are within 2 m of another person.  We wear a mask in our building in all common areas and during transition times.  We sanitize our hands upon entry and our workstation when leaving. 

We are on the home stretch – with only May and June remaining.  We will continue to minimize the risk of transmission within our school.  A COVID exposure could result in another school closure - which could jeopardize our Graduation plans among other things. 

Stay safe Tigers!  Let’s finish the school year on a strong note!

Mrs. Godfrey​