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February 04
Expectations for Semester 2 at the High School level

We are looking forward to beginning Semester 2 tomorrow – Friday, February 5th.  Track A students will be in school.  Track B students will join us online.


School leaders had previously discussed with Public Health the potential for increased face-to-face teaching options at the high school level for second semester.  The recent elevation of cases in the province, and the concerns around the new COVID variants certainly have impacted those decisions.


As we move into second semester, we will focus on establishing and maintaining daily contact between subject teachers and students enrolled in their class.  The following basic provincial expectations for semester 2 may be different from what became habit in semester 1 – but are very similar to our 9 days of Learning at a distance in January.  


1.       There will be a minimum of 10 minutes per class dedicated to a live virtual meeting with students at home for every class, every day.

2.       Subject teachers will manage each class as a single group – with some of the group connecting online from home and some of the group present in the classroom.

3.       Attendance will be taken every day – whether in person or online.  This is where all students continue to follow our Learning at a Distance Plan when they are connecting from home.  Students can access their online schedule by following the instructions Mrs. Lean has posted on her Guidance site and that each Homeroom teacher has posted on their TEAMS sites.


These pieces will build more accountability into our system, provide students with a more scheduled approach to learning, and support the progression of curricular standards.


Increasing student learning and a feeling of connectedness is critical.  With the experience of Semester 1 behind us – and our 9-day practice run of our Learning at a Distance Plan – the time is right to ensure reasonable, consistent expectations that are focused on student learning across the province.


Thank you for your commitment to student learning.   


Mrs. Godfrey