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January 07
Message from Mrs. Godfrey - January 7, 2021

Thursday, January 7, 2021 

 With the increase of COVID cases in our province, it seems as though we are heading in a difficult direction.  

Word travels quickly and rumors even more so.  As a school we take our direction for everything involving COVID from Public Health – especially in terms of sharing information.  We will remember to be kind to each other, compassionate and caring because that is the kind of community we are.  I see those same wonderful traits in our students at school each day.


At the same time, we can’t dismiss the pandemic or falsely assume that this virus may never affect us, our families or our friends.  Today, Dr. Jennifer Russell confirmed a positive case in Hillsborough and also confirmed that Public Health has begun their investigation. 


We want to remain as safe as possible while respecting privacy and supporting each other.  Please continue to treat one another with kindness and compassion.  No one should be subject to pressure or unkind comments on social media.   


We are so much further ahead than we were last year at this time in terms of maintaining the pace of academic learning from home - should the school close - and in terms of safety environmental measures in place.  Now, learning resources are accessible to all our students on their class TEAMS sites and staff and students follow a detailed Operational Plan.  This plan has specific orange level alerts in place for both staff and students at the present time.  Mask wearing time has increased, we sanitize our hands and our learning spaces more frequently, and we maintain a safe physical distance both in class and outside of class.  There are consistent reminders to take these measures throughout the school day.


We will not be making a full switch to online learning unless we receive direction from Public Health and the Department to do so.  We have not activated our Learning at a Distance Plan at this time.   This Plan is posted on our school website and provides detailed instructions on how students will connect with their teachers in the event of a school closure due to Covid.  Please review this plan.  All teacher contact information is posted on the website as well.


Students can engage in activities posted on TEAMS sites at any time and reach out to subject teachers with questions or clarification.   


I would like to remind all our students to take their learning materials home each evening.  We never know when / if school could be closed nor would an individual receive much advanced notice from Public Health to self-isolate.  Middle School students should take their snow pants and boots home each day as well. 


We are certainly navigating unchartered waters but will continue to take our direction from Public Health, and follow the guidelines outlined in the Department’s Return to School Document and our own Operational Plan.    We are well prepared with a communicated Learning at a Distance Plan – should our school close - and we have an incredibly supportive staff.  Continue to lean into the supports we have available.  Take care of yourself, your family, and each other.    


Once again, if we receive information that we need to pass along to our Caledonia community from Public Health, we will not delay.


Thank you. 

Mrs. Godfrey​