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January 03
Sunday, January 3, 2021

Happy 2021 everyone.  Today is Sunday, January 3rd  and this is Mrs. Godfrey with a few messages from Caledonia Regional.


Tomorrow, Monday, January 4th is the first day back to school for students and staff.  Tomorrow is a  Track B day  in the scheduled high school rotational attendance. 


A reminder to all staff and students of mask wearing expectations while in the yellow phase of recovery.  Expectations are outlined in our Operational Plan and have not changed since December.  Students, please remember to wear your mask on the bus tomorrow morning - and for those of you who walk or drive to school, please remember to put your mask on prior to entering the school.  Mask wearing is one preventative measure we can take.  Two other important preventative measures are frequent hand washing and maintaining physical distancing.  Social circles likely became smaller over the holiday – as we spent time with immediate and close family only.  Tomorrow, we will begin sharing a common space with several people and it is important that we all continue to be vigilant. 


Please take a few minutes to visit our school website  - at Located here, you will find contact information for all staff and our detailed Covid-19 Operational Plan.  You will also find details explaining how students will access their teachers for daily learning in the event of a school closure due to Covid.  These details are listed in our Learning At A Distance Plan.  Also on the website are the details for the end of term  High School Assessment and Demonstration of Learning Plan.   


We begin this year with hope.  Tomorrow, we welcome our Caledonia family back to school.   Welcome back everyone. 


Have a wonderful evening. ​