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September 03
Memo for parents and students about returning to school in September 2020
August 12
Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) News Release

​On July 22, 2020, the Minister of Education announced that high school students will use their own electronic devices in school beginning in September 2020.  He also announced a program to assist low and middle-income families.  Parents can contact 1 - 833 - 901 - 1963 for additional information on the subsidy program.  

High school students to use their own electronic devices; program to assist low and middle-income families.pdfHigh school students to use their own electronic devices; program to assist low and middle-income families.pdf

August 12
Specifications for Learning Devices

Recommended specifications for home learning devices are found in the link below from EECD.   


August 12
Letter from the Superintendent

​Caledonia is currently in the process of developing a COVID-19 Operational Plan which will include a full range of safety measures.  In Mr. Ingersoll's message to families below, you will find some preliminary points for consideration.  Click on the link below. 

Scanned Document.pdfScanned Document.pdf

June 08
Final Home Learning Post

Hi Tigers!

This will be our final post of home learning suggestions, before Summer vacation. We know that you have all done your best, throughout these unprecedented times. We are proud of you!

This summer is the 175th anniversary of Albert County! Here are some great websites, and resources that can help you discover some really great places - right in your area!

10 cool facts about the Bay of Fundy!

This site talks about the big Stone monument close to the train museum. - a great place to start looking for events and information - The Albert County Museum is a great place to get a glimpse into the past! - there are so many beautiful places, and ways to enjoy Fundy National Park!

Finally, Ms. Milton had a great math & art activity that she has been encouraging students to try:As this is the 175th anniversary of Albert County I encourage students to design a "barn quilt"  encompassing math shapes.  They can design it on 4" by 4" piece of paper and then enlarge to 6" square and up to max 12"  if they wanted to go that far.  If they so desired they could paint it on to a board and put it up outside.

Take care everyone - he hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful summer, while being safe and enjoying time with family!

CRHS Staff

June 01
CRHS Home Learning Awards

Hey Caledonia families, 

We want to provide you with the opportunity to recognize your students, while they were learning from home, during this global pandemic. We know it hasn't always been easy, but our families have shown perserverance and strength throughout this trying time. Please fill out the form below and submit your name(s), and a brief explanation or description of why you feel they should be recognized. 

Nominations will close on Monday, June 8, 2020.

Thanks - stay safe!​

May 11
Course Selection Process - Current Grade 10 & 11 students
May 11
Learning Resources for May 2020

​Happy May 2020,  Caledonia Tigers!

We hope all of you are safe, and well! We miss you all terribly! Until we can all see eachother again, here are some new activities and resources that you can check out at home. This month, we are mainly focussed on sustainable development, and natural resources. There are many fun activities, and projects that you can do in your own back yards and neighbourhood. It is a great way to get outside, and get some fresh air!

Take care!

CRHS Staff 

Activities focussed on planting, environmental stewardship, and cultivation:

Ideas for exercise and physical movement: Please see the uploaded documents with this post, there are games and activities to try!

Things you can do from home, to help with sustainability:

Technology activities:​

Science activities, focussed on flight and sustainable development: please see the files uploaded to this post!  

Suggestions for FILA activities:

Suggested reading/ Lecture suggérée: 

You need to download the app and create you account  so you can have 3 options:
  • Narrator
  • Solo mode
  • Recording mode 
Level 2 / Niveau 2 

1) Quelle journée!
2) Lexie se prépare pour l'école
3) Pour tous les goûts!

Grade 7 & 8:
Compréhension de lecture: 

Students are asked to read the text and to answer the 5 reading comprehension questions
  • Lis le texte attentivement plusieurs fois à haute voix (reading out loud) 
  • Identifie 1.les mots amis, 2. les mots que tu conais  3. et les mots difficiles que tu ne comprends pas
  • Utilise le dictionnaire pour comprendre les mots difficiles
  • Maintenant tu peux commencer à répondre aux six (6) questions​

April 29
Distributing Student Property


Process for Distributing Assistive Technology

and Personal Belongings

for Caledonia Regional High School

Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8




May 4, 2020


 May 5, 2020


May 6, 2020


May 7, 2020


May 8, 2020


Grade 12 students


Grade 6 & 9 students


Grade 7 & 10 students


Grade 8 & 11 students


Families shared with HES




Time of day

Alphabetical Admission

9 am – 9:30 am

Last name A - F

9:45 am – 10:15 am

Last name G – L

10:30 – 11 am

Last name M - R

11:15 – 11:45 am

Last name S - Z





Process to follow:

1.     Student may enter with 1 parent. 

2.     Siblings living in the same house may enter with their parent at the same time.

3.     Parent supervision is not mandatory.

4.     Do not touch anything except your own locker and belongings.

5.     Bring your own bag for your things – if required.

6.     There will be a depository in the cafeteria for any items you have at home that belong to the school – textbooks, library books, class novels, athletic uniforms, musical instruments etc.  Students in grade 12 who are working towards a notation of credit in a Science course may keep the course textbook as a resource.  We will collect it at another time.

7.     You will need your locker combination – Locker assistance will also be available on site.

8.     Write your name on the back of your lock with a piece of masking tape (provided @ school) and put your lock in the designated box outside the classroom of the teacher who assigned you the lock (Middle School – homeroom teacher / High School – Semester 1 teacher of  Period 1) Bring your own pen / marker to complete this task.

9.     Leave all items that belong to the school – and that are in your locker – with your lock in the box located outside a teacher’s door.

10. Each student may access the building only once.

11. Classrooms are not accessible.  If you have personal items in a classroom, contact Mrs. Godfrey by email Monday morning, May 4th and these items will be placed outside the classroom door for you to pick up during your designated time.

12. Maintain physical distancing parameters identified by Public Health while waiting outside prior to entering the school and within the school itself.

13. Adhere to your designated time for entering the building.  Each trip inside should take approximately 10 minutes.  Only a certain number of people will be permitted inside at any given time.  The longer someone takes, the longer someone else waits.  Please dress for the weather as outside wait times may vary.

14. Face masks are encouraged.

15. We share families with Hillsborough Elementary.  If you would prefer to make a trip to the schools only once, Mrs. Wilmot and Mrs. Godfrey have reserved a time for shared families on Friday, May 8th – alphabetical admission times apply to Caledonia on this day as well.  You may choose to come on your designated day / time to Caledonia or you may select the shared family day/time.  

Procedure to follow:

1.     ENTER the school through the OFFICE doors.

2.     SIGN IN at the office.

3.     WASH your hands using the washrooms in the office area.   

4.     High School students use the stairs by the cafeteria.  This is the only staircase to be used to access the High School.

5.     Assigned Assistive Technology is available for distribution from the cafeteria.  Appendix C Policy 311 sign off on site.  Parent signature required.

6.     Grad Hoodies are available from the cafeteria. 

7.     EXIT the school through the courtyard doors.  The only staircase to be used to exit the High School is the staircase by the courtyard.   




Follow all mandatory measures communicated by Public Health and ensure that you:   

·        Do not have symptoms of COVID-19.

·        Did not return from a trip outside of NB in the last 14 days.

·        Have not been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

·        Stand at all times more than 2 m from another individual – who is not a member of the same family and / or living under the same roof.​ 

April 21
Learning Resources

Hi Tigers!

For the month of April and beginning of May, Caledonia teachers have recommended some resources and activities  you can do  from home.

We will update this site every month, with new ideas and things to try! 

Remember, every day you can be reading for 30 minutes, and also try to get 30 minutes of physical activity.

In April, we celebrate Earth Day, so we have attached some things that relate to the environment and nature! 

You can access Khan Academy and do a virtual tour of a museum? It is a fun way to see places around the world, without leaving home! 

We miss you all. We hope everyone is staying safe, and healthy, with your families. Take care! 

For Math  (available as an app) This website contains grade level focused videos on Math. They have partnerships with a variety of museums and universities that allow students to tour museums or learn from MIT on a variety of subjects.

For English Website dedicated to reading comprehension. Select your grade level  and read a short story. There are multiple choice and short answer questions to support reading comprehension.  These can be printed or answered directly on the website.

Improve your students’ reading comprehension with ReadWorks. Access thousands of high-quality, free K-12 articles, and create online assignments with them for your students.

 For Technology

For Science has a variety of simulations that can allow students to conduct experiments on a variety of topics is a coding website teaching java script or python coding languages through playing a game.

FiLA Grade 6:  Level 2/ Module 1 to 5 Grade 7: Level 3 Module 1 to 5 

Suggested reading/ Lecture suggérée:  Level 2 / Niveau 2 
1) Les cinq sens
2) Christophe part en voyage 

If you are able to download the app, you can have 3 options (Narrator, Solo mode and Recording)

Compréhension de texte: 
Week 1: Texte 1: ''C'est ma vie''
Read the text and to answer the 5 reading comprehension questions
  • Lis le texte attentivement plusieurs fois à haute voix (reading out loud) 
  • Identifie 1.les mots amis, 2. les mots que tu conais  3. et les mots difficiles que tu ne comprends pas
  • Utilise le dictionnaire pour comprendre les mots difficiles
  • Maintenant tu peux commencer à répondre aux cinq (5) questions
April 16
Phone Numbers

Important numbers to keep close:

·        Guidance Counselors– 871-2872(

·        Child & Youth – 869-6095

·        Kids Help Phone – 1–800-668-6868 (or text HELLO to 686868 or

·        Mobile Crisis Unit – 866-771-7760

·        Food Sustainability Program in our area – to reserve your food box or arrange delivery – contact Foods of the Fundy Valley on FB or contact 506-878-9265.  Food is available every Thursday.

Mike Hewey - Nurse P. @ Hillsborough Satellite Office (old church on Main Street Hillsborough) Text @ 377-7643.  Sexual Health 

·        Donna Godfrey, Principal – 734-2757​

April 15
Student Username / Password Reset Instructions

​Having access from home to your teachers, school email and data is important. We’ve listened. Starting April 6, 2020 IT support services in your district, will be adding the following support options to our service catalog, to help you stay connected, and to help you maintain access to your school based digital resources. Send a message using one of the methods below. Include your name, school name, grade number and the type of support you require. Ex: reset my password, I don’t remember my account or what is my email address and an IT support person will respond with help. Txt: Send a txt message to 1-506-378-2019, IT staff will respond and help you get access to your account, password or electronic resources. Email: Use the District email address you can initiate a support call of your own. Teacher: If you already have a means of communicating with your classroom teacher, just ask, they can initiate support on your behalf.​

January 13
Assessment / Evaluation Week

Assessment / Evaluation  Schedule :  Monday January 20 – Thursday January 23, 2020

In the event of a school cancellation, the assessment / evaluation schedule  moves ahead one day.




Monday, January 20

9 – 11 am

Monday, January 20

1 – 3 pm

Tuesday, January 21

9 – 11 am

Wednesday, January 22

9 – 11 am

Thursday, January 23

9 – 11 am


English 122(3)  Babineau (Rm 231)  

Foundations 11 Godbout (Chem Lab)

9 FI Math Murray (both classes)  (Rm 218)

Financial & WP Math 11 Kelly (Computer Lab)

12 FILA Cremers (Bio Lab)

10 FILA (both classes) Roy  (Rm 219)

10 English Patterson (Rm 229)

9 Math Steeves (Rm 204)

Distance Ed Period 1 (Learning C.)


English 112(3) Babineau (Rm 231)

English 112 (3) Dixon-Lipton (Rm 230)

PreCalc 12A Godbout (Chem Lab)

10 FI NRF Murray (both classes) (Rm 218)

Mill & Cab Robertson (Shop)

9 PDCP Patterson (Rm 229)

Graphic Art & Design 11 Robertson (Art Rm)

10 PIF Masson (Rm 228)

9 FILA (both classes) Cremers (Bio Lab)

Distance Ed Period 2 (Learning C.)


Journalism 120 Babineau (Rm 231)

Mod History 112(3) Dixon-Lipton (Rm 230)

FI Family Dynamics 12 Murray (Rm218)

Metals 11 Robertson (Shop)

9/10 FI Science Cremers (Bio Lab)

9/10 FI Sciences Humaines Roy (219)

9 SS Patterson (Rm 229)

Outdoor Pursuits 11 Boyce (Gym)

Period 3 classes 12 Kelly (Rm 126)

Fine Arts  Robertson (Art Rm)

10 NRF Steeves (Rm 204)

Distance Ed Period 3 (Learning C.)



Ind. & Family Dynamics Dixon-Lipton (Rm 230)

PreCalc 12B Godbout (Chem Lab)

Site Layout & Foundation Robertson (Shop)  

Bio 112 Cremers (Bio Lab)

9/10 PE Boyce (Gym)

9/10 BBT Kelly (Rm 126)

9/10 Art Robertson (Art Rm)

9/10 Music Masson (Music Rm)

Culinary Tech Strohmayr (Cul Tech Lab)  

FI Modern History Roy (219)

Distance Ed Period 4 (Learning C.)


Early Childhood 11 Dixon-Lipton (Rm 230)  

Chemistry 112 Godbout (Chem Lab)

Framing & Sheathing 11 Robertson (Shop)

Physics 112 Steeves (Rm 204)

Science 10 Murray (Rm 218)

9 English – ELPA – Patterson (Rm 229)

10 English – Babineau (Rm 231)

Distance Ed Period 5 (Learning C.)