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June 08
Final Home Learning Post

Hi Tigers!

This will be our final post of home learning suggestions, before Summer vacation. We know that you have all done your best, throughout these unprecedented times. We are proud of you!

This summer is the 175th anniversary of Albert County! Here are some great websites, and resources that can help you discover some really great places - right in your area!

10 cool facts about the Bay of Fundy!

This site talks about the big Stone monument close to the train museum. - a great place to start looking for events and information - The Albert County Museum is a great place to get a glimpse into the past! - there are so many beautiful places, and ways to enjoy Fundy National Park!

Finally, Ms. Milton had a great math & art activity that she has been encouraging students to try:As this is the 175th anniversary of Albert County I encourage students to design a "barn quilt"  encompassing math shapes.  They can design it on 4" by 4" piece of paper and then enlarge to 6" square and up to max 12"  if they wanted to go that far.  If they so desired they could paint it on to a board and put it up outside.

Take care everyone - he hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful summer, while being safe and enjoying time with family!

CRHS Staff