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September 13
Talk Mail Sept. 13th

Dear Highlanders Families,

Here are a few updates,

COVID-19 Update

Due to the increased cases in the province, students will now be required to wear a mask at school at all times except when eating. Please ensure that your child has an additional mask in their backpack.

“Effective Tuesday, Cardy said, students of all ages in all schools must wear a mask in school and while on buses for the next two weeks. The masks can be removed when students are eating, drinking or engaged in sports or physical education classes. The province will reassess these rules on Sept. 27.”  Hadeel Ibrahim, Elizabeth Fraser · CBC News · Posted: Sep 13, 2021

Allergies and Scents

We have staff and students who have severe allergies to nuts and scents. Students, staff, and visitors must refrain from bringing nuts and related products to school and from wearing scented personal products. Thank you for helping ensure a safe environment for our students and staff.

Medical Forms to support Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

If your child has a life-threatening medical condition the school requires additional paper work to be filled out. If this applies to your child, please fill out the appropriate attachment and ask your child to drop the form off at the main office.

Immunization Forms for grade 9 students

The immunization forms for grade 9student are due back to their homeroom teacher by September 15th.


BMHS Administration​