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June 04
Why Support International Education?

Cultural Diversity- Currently, students from 17 countries have been accepted into our New Brunswick International Student Programme. These students enrich the culture of the schools and communities in which they live. 

Economic benefits-Research indicates that every full time student contributes 25,000 dollars to the community. This year Anglophone East hosted 193 full time students, resulting in a 4.8 million dollar benefit to our economy.

Relationship Building- A key to a successful international experience is establishing strong bonds with family and peers. As a result of these positive relationships, more and more students are considering NB as a place to live.

Ways to support International Education

Become a Host Family- Opportunities exist to host students in grades 6-12, for varying lengths of time. Financial compensation is paid to homestay families.

Become a Respite Provider- Opportunities exist to provide weekend or holiday homestay for students when their host families are away. Financial compensation is paid for respite care.

Become a Volunteer - Share your expertise and passion with international students. Offer to teach a skill or lead a group in an activity that will enrich an international student's experience!

Who to Contact

Pam Sheridan