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May 06
Changes In Grade 2 English Prime

Good Evening Parents,

This message is intended for the parents of students enrolled in the Grade 2 English Prime Program at Bessborough School.


Effective Monday, May 6, 2019, due to increased enrollment, a second teacher has been added to your child's classroom.  Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Hansen back from her medical leave and also in welcoming Ms. Despres as she joins our Grade 2 class for the remainder of the school year.  An additional educational assistant will also be joining the class to support the learning of the students.  Ms. Morais will be joining the class for the remainder of the school year as well.

Mrs. Hansen and Ms. Despres will be team teaching the class and providing a variety of small group interventions to help students meet their learning goals.  Please feel free to contact either teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Mrs. Smith, an educational assistant currently supporting the class will remain in place and Ms. Hawkes will continue to provide part time support in the class.

Have a great evening,


Nick Mattatall

Principal, Bessborough School 

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