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 Mrs. Heather AnthesTeaching StaffTeacher
2 EP
 Mr. Danny ArseneauSupport StaffCustodian
 Mrs. Kathy AsheSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Mr. Jean-Maurice BelliveauTeaching StaffTeacher
8 FI
 Mrs. Natalie BelliveauTeaching StaffTeacher
2 FI
 Ms. Carole BlakneyTeaching StaffResource Teacher
3 - 5
 Mrs. Beth BowserTeaching StaffResource Teacher
K - 2
 Mr. Seaton BrooksSupport StaffCustodian
CI - daytime
 Mrs. Reta BurkeSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Mrs. Lisa CameronSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Mrs. Janet CampbellSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Mrs. Tanya CampbellTeaching StaffTeacher
 Mme Sally CarpenterTeaching StaffTeacher
FI Resource Support
 Mrs. Sylvie CarterTeaching StaffTeacher
2 FI
 Ms. Tracey ComeauTeaching StaffTeacher
3 EP
 Mrs. Tammy DespresSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Ms. Jennifer DewolfeTeaching StaffTeacher
4 EP
 Ms. Caroline DixonTeaching StaffTeacher
2 FI
 Ms. Chantal DurelleSupport StaffGuidance Counsellor
 Ms. Ashley FrizzellTeaching StaffTeacher
6 FI
 Ms. Melissa GagnonTeaching StaffTeacher
5 FI
 Mme Julie GautreauTeaching StaffTeacher
5 FI
 Mr. John GlenenSupport StaffCustodian
CI - evenings 4h
 Mrs. Sheena HatchardTeaching StaffTeacher
1 EP
 Ms. Lynette HawkesSupport StaffEducational Assistant
 Mrs. Carol JacksonAdministrationAdministrative Assistant
 Mr. Luc LeblancTeaching StaffTeacher
8 FI
 Mrs. Marcia LegerTeaching StaffTeacher
4 FI
 Mr. Jeff LeggeTeaching StaffTeacher
Music Specialist
 Ms. Julie-Ann LevesqueSupport StaffCustodian
CII - evenings
1 - 30Next