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September 03
September 3rd 2020

Good afternoon parents and guardians of Arnold H. McLeod School,

This is a special voicemail message for Thursday September 3rd:

We can’t wait to have our students back! We are going to keep this voicemail short so as to not overwhelm anyone.

School begins on Tuesday September 8th

This year we will be starting the school year off with a staggered entry for all students.  This means that one third of the class will come each day from Monday to Thursday with everyone returning on Friday.  If you don’t didn’t get a postcard or a phone call with your start date, please contact your child’s teacher via the email sent on Thursday.  They would love to hear from you.

Supervision begins at 7:45 am.  We would like all walkers and students driven to school by parents to arrive at school as close to 8:30 am as possible.

All students will come inside as they arrive at school.  They must wear a mask on school property.  We have received a directive that buffs are not suitable.  Students need to wear a mask.  Please come in the main door for the staggered entry.

Don’t forget your extra mask and a filled, labelled water bottle.

Please feel free to send in the school supplies over a few days. A pencil, something to color with, duo tangs and indoor sneakers are the most important items for the first day.

Don’t forget your lunch and a snack.  The cafeteria is not open, and the Breakfast Club will begin on Monday September 21st.

Questions about Covid procedures?  Please read the newly uploaded document on our school website, Everything You Need to Know to Return to School School from A to Z.

 To register a child, please call 856-3475 to make an appointment.  The volume of calls is tremendous.  Please be patient.  We have already registered over 30 students in 3 days.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for listening and have a great evening.​