School Rules and Policies

This section of our website will highlight our expectations for AHM students as well as the policies that govern our day to day activities and interactions. 



At Arnold H. McLeod School we have a simple yet effective set of student expectations.  Using the acronym L E A R N, we created a set of expectationos for our students at our school based around the question "How do we learn?"

L:  Look, listen and grow

E:  Excited and engaged

A:  Accepting of everyone

R:  Respectful and responsible

N:  Never give up 



Althought there are numerous policies related to the education of children, there are several relevant ones that impact our day to day school lives.  These policies are highlighted in our Student Handbook as well as below:



To provide a safe learning environment for students and staff, Arnold H. McLeod School is a SCENT FREE SCHOOL and a PEANUT FREE SCHOOL. 
Students and staff in our school have severe allergies to peanuts and peanut bi-products.  Any minimal contact with these products and its derivatives may cause anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) and unconsciousness.  In such a case, the allergy may even cause the student’s death.


We ask for your co-operation in order to reduce the risk for those students and staff who are allergic to peanuts and nut products.   We ask that you insist that your child(ren) wash their hands before leaving for school, because the slightest residue of allergen may trigger an unfortunate incident to a severely allergic classmate.  This is a situation that requires the attention of all.  We are requesting your help by asking that you not send any products containing nuts to school.

In addition we have several students and staff who are allergic to scented products such as perfumes.  Please refrain from wearing these products in our building or providing your child with such products for the safety of all concerned.



·         Please have your child ready prior to arriving and stopping the Drop off Zone.

·         Do not park in the Drop off Zone and enter the building.

·         Please do not exit your car.

·         Have your child exit the vehicle on the passenger side.

·         Check your blind spot prior to pulling out into the exit area.



The Anglophone East School District has a student attendance Policy 330 that promotes regular attendance in order to develop positive lifelong learning patterns. 


It has been shown that one of the most significant factors for student success in school is regular attendance of classes.  It is very difficult to learn new material if not actually present during instruction.

To further emphasize the importance of regular attendance,  Anglophone East School District has implemented an attendance policy designed to better inform parents and guardians of the accumulation of absences during the school year.


Below are the steps that will be followed should your child miss an excessive amount of time.

v  Homeroom teacher shall call home after a child has missed 3 days of school.

v  Homeroom teacher shall send home a letter to parents/guardians after a child has missed 5 days of school.

v  Homeroom teacher/Team shall meet with parent/guardian and the student once a child has missed 7 school days.  A letter following the meeting will be sent home outlining the plan of action that will take place to improve attendance.

v  Principal sends a letter home indicating that the child has now missed 10 days and that a meeting is essential with the school administration.

v  Principal will contact Social Development (SD) once a child has missed 15 days.  A copy of the referral sent to SD will be included in a letter to the parent/guardian.  A copy will be sent to the Director of Education who upon receipt of the letter will convene a meeting with the principal to discuss the case.

v  Parents will be required to meet with the Director of Education and the school principal at District Office.



The Breakfast Program is a wonderful privilege and from time to time a student must be removed from this privilege due to safety concerns.
1st Offence - Warning                                       
2nd Offence – Removal 1 day and note home
3rd Offence – Removal 1 week and note home  
4th Offence – Removal 1 month and note home
5th Offence – Permanent removal from program for remainder of the year


Arnold H. McLeod School is expected to ensure food in the school and at year-end celebrations must meet guidelines set forth in policy 711-Healthier Foods and Nutrition.  Parents must adhere to this policy; therefore, if your child brings food to share with classmates that does not meet these guidelines, it will be returned home unopened and uneaten.  Some approved items include:  fresh fruit or veggie trays, bagel or English muffin trays with low fat cheese, yogurt or pure juice boxes.
Unless otherwise notified, your child will be sent home on his/her designated bus.  Anglophone East School District will not approve alternate drop off sites for special events or occasions.  Therefore, all children must go on his/her appointed bus and be picked up or dropped off at his/her specified location.  Any special request for an alternate location drop off will be denied unless an “Alternate Conveyance Bus Form” has been completed and approved by the Transportation Department