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February 26
Home and School January Mintues

Home and School Minutes, Jan 13th, 2020


·         Holiday Bazaar raised $1243.25

·         Flip give had $888.00. We will ask Alicia to start the process of getting our check from Flip Give to deposit into our account. We decided that we will withdraw from Flip Give annually every January. What a great fundraiser, thank you Alicia!

Pizza Bingo Night Feb 7

·         Barry MacMillan will supply and the pizza out of his Killam Drive location. He will deliver the pizza and supply napkins, gloves and plates.

·         Our cost is $6.00 a pizza and we will charge $20.00 a pizza. Options are cheese or pepperoni.

·         Barry will also donate 10 pizzas to be used at our discretion, thinking about prizes for bingo night, draw for staff appreciation week and silent auction items.

·         Popcorn will be sold on the way out of pizza bingo night. A big bag for $3.00. Our cost in $1.00 a bag and we must buy 100 bags. Going to try this out, thank you Becky for finding this fundraiser.

·         May look at selling Welsh’s gunny packs at a future event.

Staff Appreciation Week Feb 10th to 14th

·         10th Monday, breakfast (Michelle)

·         11th Tuesday, Hot chocolate, coffee and creamers (Susie)

·         12th Wednesday, Massage Therapist

·         13th Thursday, Fruit and Veggie tray (Jen)

·         14th Friday, Lunch (Mrs. Trueman)

·         Set up on the 9th from 2 to 4pm

·         Decorations, sticky tack, apples

·         Daily draws consisting of; gift cards from Chapters, Wine, Blanket, Candles, Greco coupon, massage gift card

·         Treat bags one day

·         Jen and Heather made bath bombs for all staff

Sky Zone

·         Planning on having a Sky Zone fundraiser the 3rd week of February in order to have it complete by March break.

·         We sell $20 sky zone gift cards and for everyone we sell $5.00 goes to our Home and School.

·         Alicia to contact sky zone and get it finalized.

Other dates

·         Scholastic book fair April 14 to 16 (Jen and Lisa Mae to co-chair)

·         Night of the arts April 30th (bake sale)

·         Family fun day June 5th

Family Fun Day

·         Playmania is booked at a cost of $1288.00

·         Donation letter is available from Jen or Angela

·         Let Jen Leger know who you have contacted so we don’t call on people twice.

·         Lions club has been contacted about BBQ but have not heard back yet.

·         Bricks for kids contacted but haven’t heard back yet.

·         BBQ supplies (Mrs. Trueman to look after)

·         Cale Walk

·         Jen to contact face painter

·         Staff to do gift cards again.

·         Prize wheel, need to replenish prizes

·         Gift basket draws

·         50/50 grid

·         Floats

Other items discussed

·         4 iPad bins, 6 iPad in each bin, all grades are getting to use them!

·         We are going to look at purchasing more iPad for AHM this year

·         Angela to contact Andrew Trites about selling school swag in May and November

·         Next meeting date March 16th, all are welcome!!!!

January 10
December Home and School Minutes

Home and School Meeting, December 2, 2019


·         Bank Balance is $14,346.58 as of November 15th

·         Compromised account is now officially closed. Funds to be transferred over to current account. $1305 was final balance after tech tub check cleared out of account.

Ms Kelly Fraser

·         Phys Ed needs a new crash mat for safety and to meet code

·         Approximate cost is $1205

·         Ms Fraser presented this information to attendees.

·         Wish granted, Mrs Trueman will order and invoice Home and School.

AVON Fundraiser

·         We sold 79 bundles

·         $15 a bundle, $5.67 from each back to school.

·         Total raised $447.93

·         Thank you Angela Furlong!


·         1pm set up on December 15th

·         15 volunteers confirmed plus the LMS leadership team

·         Lisa Mae has been working diligently going through donations.

·         Jenn going to organize wrapping

·         Susie and Laura getting floats

Pizza Bingo Night

·         February 7th

·         Barry MacMillan of Greco to supply pizza

Staff Appreciation Week

·         Feb 10 to 14th

·         Jen and Heather to make bath bombs

·         55 staff

·         Lisa Mae has some prizes for daily draws

·         Do something each day, massage, bathbombs, staff lunch, breakfast, coffee and hot chocolate all strong contenders

Sky Zone Fundraiser

·         Mid to end of Feb in time for March break.

·         Sell $20 gift cards and $5 from each sale goes back to AHM


Other important dates

·         Scholastic book fair April 14th to 17th

·         Bake Sale at Night of the Arts on April 30th

·         Family Fun Day June 5th

School Swag

·         Hoping to sell some AHM swag!

·         Andrew Trites to do up a proposal for us.

·         T-shirts, Hoodie, Baseball Tees etc.



October 31
Home and School October Minutes

Home and School meeting, October 21, 2019


·         Bank balance is $11930.63

·         Our past compromised account still has a balance of $5074. This was news to our current executive, will transfer it over, Yay!

·         Purchased iPad, tech tubs etc.

·         Writing a check to AHM for $5658.24

·         Need to renew copyright license, H and S to write check for $375

Read a thon

·         As of October 18th we had raised $2456.45, total raised is actually just over $3000

·         Susie to purchase gift cards from Chapters for top readers and fundraisers

·         Awards to be handed out at monthly assembly on November 1st

Book Fair

·         Our librarian, Mrs. Davidson is hosting our annual fall book fair, sheet went around for anyone present at our meeting to volunteer.

Avon Fundraiser

·         Angela Furlong has offered to do an Avon fundraiser just in time for the holidays.

·         For $15 a holiday bundle of soaps, lotions etc. will be available for purchase.

·         There will be 2 different scent options.

·         Notice to be sent home on October 24th and order forms returned to school on the 7th.

·         Orders will be available for pick up during parent teacher interviews in November.

Sky Zone

·         They offer a great fundraiser, AHM would sell $20 gift cards and we would get $5 back from each sale. Hoping to organize this for just before March break.

·         Thank you, Alicia, for doing the research on this great idea!


·         Becky was able to get us a contact for popcorn.

·         100 big gas station-style bags available for us to purchase for $100

·         We could resell for $3 a bag and make a good profit at one of our upcoming events.

·         Thank you, Becky!


·         Considering selling some AHM swag. We haven’t done it in a few years.

·         Reached out to Andrew Trites to see if he was interested in designing said clothing.

·         He is and will be in touch with pricing and ideas to discuss at next meeting.

***December 2, 2019 is next meeting, 6:30pm***

October 22
Home and School October 21st Agenda


OCTOBER 21, 2019

1.      Finances:

-          Current balance same as last meeting $11,930.63

-          Laura to check account balance in old account

-          Purchases: $4628 for 12 ipads, $131.98 for dongles (tech tub receipt?)


2.      ACF (Audio Cine Films Inc.) – membership renewal

-          Need to find out cost and if Angela would like it renewed


3.      Read-A-Thon:

-          $2,456.45 raised so far (last counted on Friday evening)

-          Volunteer to purchase Chapters gift cards ($20 each)

·         Total gift cards required to be determined after all envelopes received

-          Awards to be handed out at assembly on Nov. 1st


4.      Potential late-fall fundraiser:

·         Angela Furlong (Avon) – Avon bundle of 1 shower gel, 1 bubble bath, 1 hand soap, 1 lip balm, 1 hand lotion for $15. School gets $7. Would have to do between Oct. 31-Nov.13

·         Garbage bag fundraiser?

·         Nov. 21 (P/T interviews) – snacks, popcorn, bake sale…?

·         Sky Zone Fundraiser – Aleisha MacAskill

è Sell $20 gift cards. Home and School gets $5 for every one sold (cheque).


5.      Holiday Bazaar: Monday, December 16 (snow date Tuesday, December 17th)

-          Jenn to make note to go home

-          Need volunteers and donations


OTHER FUNDRAISERS: (need volunteers to chair events)

Pizza/Bingo Night – Feb. 7 (note to go home Jan. 27, due Feb. 3)

Staff Appreciation Week – Feb. 10-14

Scholastic Book Fair – April 14-17; tricky drop off due to Easter

·         Jenn to contact again in January

Bake Sale – Night of the Arts in May

Family Fun Day – June 5th

·         Start thinking of who to ask for donations!


October 01
Welcome Back Important Dates


Hello Parents and Guardians of Arnold H. McLeod! Welcome back! The AHM Home and School Association has had their first meeting and would like to pass along some important information to you.

1)      Important Dates:

a)       Read-A-Thon – October 7th-18th

b)      Next meeting – October 21st at 6:30 (all are welcome!)

c)       Nov. 21st – nothing set in stone yet, but we’re thinking of doing something during P/T interviews

d)      Holiday Bazaar – Monday, December 16th (snow date Tuesday, December 17th)

·         For $1/item, student purchase gifts for family members. We are low on items for our Bazaar! If you have items you would like to donate, we are looking for baby, kid, teen, mom, dad, books, decorations, and household items. We are also looking for holiday gift bags and tissue paper. Please bring your items to the office and let them know they are for the Holiday Bazaar.

e)      Pizza/Bingo Night – Friday, February 7th  (5 or 5:30-7:00)

f)        Staff Appreciation Week – February 10th-14th

g)       Home and School Scholastic Book Fair – April 14th-17th

h)      Night of the Arts Bake Sale – April 30th

i)        Family Fun Day – June 5th (4-7)


2)      FlipGive Account

This year, we want to make our fundraising efforts for AHM Home and School easier by using a service called FlipGive. FlipGive is an app that helps our school raise money every time you shop with hundreds of popular brands like, Starbucks, Indigo, Sportchek, Esso, and many more! Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we’ll earn cash back for the school.


Join now using our invite code QLB45Q in one of two ways:

a)       Download the FlipGive app (

b)       Join online at


Finally, all money raised during the school year via the events organized by the AHM Home and School Association goes directly back into the school. Last year, we purchased 12 ipads and two techtubs (special ipad storage cases). At our September meeting, we approved the purchase of 12 more ipads and two techtubs. These ipads are used in the classroom by the students for research projects, and to help supplement learning in a variety of ways. In past years, we have purchased SmartBoards, white boards, provided money to purchase books for classroom libraries, and supplemented the school’s breakfast program. So please know that your donations go to good use, and are greatly appreciated by the staff and students!

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!

The AHM Home and School Association


September 30
Home and School Minutes September 16th

Home and School  minutes, Arnold H McLeod, September 16, 2019


First meeting of the 2019/2020 school year

·         Introductions, lots of new and returning faces!

·         Finances, $11,187.60 in our account, $589.00 flip give, $151.00 in cash

Wish List for this school year

·         12 more iPads

·         1 more tech tub

·         Approximately $7-8000

·         This will allow all students to have at least 1 hour/week on an ipad

·         Motion approved to purchase the above

Events planned for this year

·         Read-A-Thon in October (7th to 18th)

·         Holiday Bazaar in December (16th, snow date of 17th)

·         Pizza Bingo Night in February (Feb 7th)

·         Staff appreciation week in February (Feb 10th to 14th)

·         Book Fair in April (14th, 15th, 16th, 17th Jen to book now)

·         Night of the Arts bake Sale in May

·         Family Fun Day in June (June 5th)

·         Might look at another fundraiser in November around parent-teacher interviews

New meeting set for October 21st at 6:30pm


September 16
September 16th Home and School Agenda


September 16, 2019


1.    Introductions

2.    What we do

3.    Finances:

$11,187.60 (account)+$589.00 (FlipGive app)+ $154.00 (cash to deposit) = $11,930.63

4.    Angela wish list?



5.    Events – set dates for this year’s events

-         Read-a-Thon (October)

·       Volunteers to prep envelopes, count money, buy gift cards, make certificates

-         Holiday Bazaar (December)

·       Volunteers to help set up, wrap, run tables, tidy up

-         Pizza/Bingo Night (February)

·       Volunteers to hand out pizza, cards, call numbers, runners

-         Staff Appreciation Week (February)

·       Volunteers to set up staff room,

-         Home and School Scholastic Book Fair (April)

·       Volunteers to set up, run, tear down

-         Family Fun Day (June)

·       Volunteers to set up, bake cakes, gather silent auction items, run tables, tear down

6.    New ideas/Events?

-         Yoga party, glow stick party/dance, popcorn days…