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November 30
Read A Thon Winners 2018

​                                                  AHM Read a Thon Winners

Fall 2018

(Full names are not used to due RTIPA.)


Top Readers

Minutes Read


Top Fundraisers

Total $


Dane O


Jaxon M

Dane O





Wyatt M


Alexander G



Kinsleigh G


Mayze R-Q

Olivia S




Elora C


Sadie J



Lennon F


Kellan H



Lily A


Lauren W


Each child received a $20.00 Chapters Gift Card. Top reader and fundraiser received a $ 30.00 gift card.


Top Fundraising Class 1 Hopper      $516.00

Draw Winner (Adult) Mark H who sponsored a grade 1 student.


November 30
Home and School Meeting Minutes from October 2018

Minutes from Home and School Meeting October 24th, 2018

Read A Thon

Total raised $4355.80

13 x $20 and 3 x $30 gift cards were purchased and awarded by Jenn at monthly assembly

**Angela to add winners here**

Future Fundraising Ideas

·         No response from St Louis on a fundraising night

·         Susie will try Goji’s again in the near future

·         Alicia to look into Flip Give

·         Michelle mentioned a Florida Raffle, $20 per ticket, $10 back to school, will get more information

Book Fair

November 5th to 8th, volunteer sign up sheet from Mrs. Davidson passed around

Christmas Bazaar

December 17th, snow date of 18th

Set up on Sunday December 16th from 1 to 4pm

**Volunteers needed for both days**

Lewisville Leadership committee will come and help

Pizza Bingo Night

Friday Feb 8th, snow date Feb 22nd

Prizes have been purchased by Jenn

Crayons and bingo cards will be supplied

Local “celebrity” or Chris L to do the calling

Planning to condense the time a little bit as last year was too long

See if Michelle C will make cookies again

Contact Greco Pizza (Barry) to see if he will give us a deal again this year

Staff Appreciation

Week of Feb 11th

Apples will be sent home

50 staff (includes bus drivers, EA’s etc.)

1 gift a day for staff

Daily raffle prize

Decorate on the Sunday Feb 10th

Ask AHM families for small donation

Next meetings

November 28th @ 6:30pm

Jan 23rd @ 6:30pm


October 22
Home and School Meeting Minutes for September 2018

Arnold H. McLeod School Home and School Minutes

September 19, 2018

Academic year 2018/19


  • Introductions of all persons present

  • Bank balance $5174.57

  • Home and School Association fee due $135.00

  • Wish List, IPAD cart, approximately $10,000.00

  • Mrs. Murdock is our teacher member

  • Events to include the following:

  1. Read a Thon October 1 to 12, info to go home on September 27th

    (Winners to receive Chapters gift cards, jello fight)

  2. Christmas Bazaar Monday Dec 17th set up on the 16th

  3. Pizza Bingo Night Feb 8th, snow date Feb 22nd (contact Greco in Dec)

  4. Scholastic Book Fair, week of April 1st

  5. Night of the Arts Bake Sale

  6. Family Fun Night June 7th

  • Reach out to businesses regarding a night in support of AHM

  1. Goji’s (Susie)

  2. Cineplex (Michelle)

  3. Chapters (Jen)

  4. St Louis (Jen)

  5. Papa John’s (Michelle)

  • Jennifer Leger and Michelle Rouse Co-presidents

  • Laura England to stay on as Treasurer

  • Susie MacDow Secretary

  • Jen to update out Facebook site

  • We encourage everyone to volunteer and join Facebook even if you can’t attend meetings

  • Next Meeting, Wednesday October 24th at 6:30pm


May 23
Home and School Meeting Minutes May 7th
December 08
Home and School Meeting Minutes for December 4th 2017

AHM Home and School Meeting Minutes

Monday December 4th, 2017.


Family Fun Night with Playmania had a great turn out and raised $2120.65!  Huge thank you to Rick from Playmania for donating all the bouncy castles along with the employees and also Barry from Greco for donating all the pizza.  A thank you card was sent to both.  Since using Playmania was such a huge success we will definitely use them for our June event.  A thank you also to all the people from Lewisville Baptist that donated the baked goods for our bake sale.  We want to thank all those that took the time to make and donate the cakes for our very successful cake walk.


Our next event coming up is our annual Holiday Bazaar which takes place on December 18th.  We are thankful for all the donations being sent in and are still accepting more.  There will be a memo regarding the bazaar going home soon asking for volunteers for the event.  Ideally 30 people are needed to run the bazaar.    We will be setting up for the bazaar on Sunday December 17th at 3pm.  If a volunteer does sign up they will automatically be put on the list as we will not be doing reminders.  Lewisville School Leadership Group will be here to help for the am-confirmed with Mrs. Morgan(Principal.)


A future event being discussed is a family pizza night with bingo.  Trina will contact Barry from Greco again regarding pizza orders.  Time we are thinking to have it at is from 5-7pm.


Scholastic Book Fair will be held in April, date to be confirmed.


June 8th will be out Family Fun Day from 4pm-7pm.


Suggestion for fundraising was brought up.  Flipp is an online fundraiser that the school or organization can make a percentage from people just shopping online using this flipgive app.



November 14
Home and School Meeting Minutes November 6th


Trina Bland - Co-President 

Suzy McDow - Co -President 

Jen Leger  - Vice President 

Laura England - Treasurer 

Lynn Adams - Secretary 

Angela Trueman - Principal

Stacey McQueen

Lisa-Mae MacDonald

Patrice Hawkes

Phyllis McLeod 

Becky Gallant



  • Children won a Jello fight to take place Thursday, won by top fundraising class Mrs. Duplessis, Grade 5
  • Parents and teachers to make jello and bring it in
  • 104 participated in the read a thon
  • Total raised  $3,444.60
  • All students earned a double recess





  • As a result of the Global News story, a local company, Playmania is donating bouncy castles and reps to run the castles 
  • November 17, 5:00-7:00, to be booked for a fun night at the school, 'Fall Playmania Night', with pizza and cake walk, and potential bake sale (Lewisville Baptist Church to be contacted)
  • Looking for donation of Pizza for the event; ask Zios, Papa Johns, Greco, Bonte Foods
  • Sell pizza $2/slice and water $1/ each, cupcakes $1/each
  • Admission will be by donation
  • Dinner and Movie raffle tickets to be sold 2$/each or 5$/3 
  • Volunteers needed; 2 people admission table, 5 bake sale
  • How many pizzas will we need? 40?



  • Home and school has also been contacted to sell items from certain organizations, such as steeped tea 
  • Vote to have another fund raiser
  • Vote: NO too many fundraisers, will wait

Principal reviewed that the Home and School monies are separate from the school's budget. 



  • was very successful, earning $610


No update so far from the RCMP with the on- going investigation 


Dec 4, 2017 will be our next meeting


November 14
Home and School Meeting Minutes


Trina Bland - Co-President 

Suzy McDow - Co -President 

Jen Leger  - Vice President 

Laura England - Treasurer 

Lynn Adams - Secretary 

Angela Trueman - Principal

Beth Snowdon- Murdock - Teacher Rep.

Ingrid McLaghlin

Kate Randall

Stacey McQueen

Lisa-Mae MacDonald

Phyllis McLeod 

Courtney Johnson

Becky Gallant

Sarah Noseworthy 

Michelle Rouse

Amale reaj Eddine (sp?)

Heba Igelan 

Letter was read with respect to the money that has gone missing from the Home and School account

This letter is to be sent home to all parents and guardians of the school advising of situation.



October 2-13

Envelopes to be sent home 

Prizes that will be awarded:

Top fundraiser for each grade

Top minutes read for each grade

For every pledge of $20 or more, name goes in a draw for a GC

Event will cost $325

Goal set will be $6,000 


FALL BOOK FAIR (School run by Gail Collette-Home and School typically hosts one in the spring)

November 6-9

Volunteers for this event get 50% off Scholastic warehouse sale

Wednesday evening will be family night 

Volunteer sign-up sheet was circulated 




December 18

Donations are coming in; need volunteers to sort through these items 

We require more donations, especially men's items 

Dec 17 is set up; we require volunteers for this 

Volunteers needed to wrap - 20 wrappers 

Hours 8:45-12:00 clean up required past 12:00

LMS Leadership Group will be joining us again to help out



MOVIE THEATRE - buy gift cards for movie, or movie and concessions and sell for a profit


GOJIS fundraising nights, where a % of the sales for the event is donated to the school; perhaps in the spring 


CHAPTERS - there is a 2 year waiting list to get on this fundraiser


MASTERMIND TOYS - have fundraising events - Ingrid to look into this


ST LOUIS BBQ - fundraising evenings where 20% of sales go to the school


PIZZA NIGHTS - Famous Peppers, Zio's, dominos, Subway; perhaps winter, November


PIZZA BINGO NIGHT - January - need a committee to chair



Feb 12-16

Daily draws for prizes

Sunday is set up day to decorate 

Teachers appreciation apples

Provide meal

Provide daily snacks


Next meeting November 6


Open forum for Questions:


Meeting adjourned 7:24


November 14
Home and School Meeting Minutes September 11th


September 11, 2017




Trina Bland - Co-President 

Suzy McDow - Co -President 

Jen Leger  - Vice President 

Laura England - Treasurer 

Lynn Adams - Secretary 

Angela Trueman - Principal

Beth Snowdon- Murdock - Teacher Rep.

Ingrid McLaghlin

Kate Randall

Lyndsay Wareham

Stacey McQueen

Lisa-Mae MacDonald

Phyllis McLeod 

Courtney Johnson

Byron Rayne

Becky Gallant

Patrice Hawkes

Sarah Noseworthy 

Jason Chestnut






  • Family Fun Day 2107 great success 
  • Raised $6,800
  • Raffle alone raised $700


  • Movie license $400
  • 3 Projectors $2,100 (2 to go to the new portables)
  • 4 bulletin boards (for portables $600)
  • 2 white boards $700
  • Front row mics $490
  • Music microphones $236
  • Total $4,526 
  • VOTE to purchase these items 
  • All voted YES



Open floor to share ideas:

  • Shediac movie drive in - part of the proceeds go to our school 
  • Cineplex - screening of older films - part of the  proceeds go to the school 
  • Read-a-thon 
  • Movie night 
  • Bingo pizza night 
  • Ice cream social 
  • Book fair 
  • Holiday Bazar
  • Family Fun Day



  • Thursday, September 14
  • After "Meet The Teacher"
  • Sundae bar
  • $2 per ice cream 
  • Volunteers 





  • Purchase ice cream at Cash and Carry 
  • Need spoons, bowls, napkins and toppings 
  • Total cost approx. $75 for supplies 
  • Voice mail to be sent out advising of the social 



  • October 2-13 
  • Send pledge sheets home October 2, due back by 17th
  • Goal $6,000
  • Low cost to run $300 for prizes and incentives 
  • Encourages kids to read 
  • Kids log reading hours and get pledges for hours read
  • Prizes for minutes read and money earned 



  • Feb 12-16



  • Feb 2 (tentative)

Home and School BOOK FAIR 

  • April 9-13 (tentative)



  • June 8




- Dec 14




- Dec 18


**Next Home and School meetings OCTOBER 2, 2017 

Meeting adjourned 7:40pm


April 03
Home and School Meeting Minutes: February 29th 2016

Home and School Public Meeting
February 29, 2016
Trina Bland
Lynn Adams
Darlene Tait
Laura England
Susie McDow
Jason Chestnut 
Jennifer Leger
Kate Randall
Mindy Moore
Beth Murdock
-Thank you to those who contributed to staff appreciation week
-$382 was collected 
-$386.15 was spent along with food and gift donations
-Week of March 20
-Set up will be Sunday, March 20
-we receive $60 credit for promotion and prizes, $50 for family night draw
-Scholastic wants to send out a reminder not to sell 'last copy' of books at the book fair
-Goal is $4,000
-Theme is 'Feeling Groovy'
-Family Night will be 6:00-8:00, Wednesday, March 23
-Volunteers needed - sheet passed around 
-Notice will be sent to the students outlining details
-April 15, 2016
-Doors open 6:00, Bingo starts 6:30
-$20/family for 1 pizza and bingo cards 
-Sell 50/50
-Get donations for prizes
-Take pre orders from parents for pizzas so we know how many we need a send a notice home
-Rental of bingo machine $35 Lloyds of Moncton
-Require licence $25
-We have bingo cards
-May5, 2016
-Bake sale 
- Contacts Lewisville Baptist Church for donations
-Baked goods, water, juice, popcorn
-June 10
-$1,000 budget
- Work on donations for the silent auction
-This event generates the most funds for our Home and School.  Last year we made over $6,000
- Goji's mobile?
- Face painter $110
-Our regular Glow Parties rep has moved, new rep is quoting triple the price fir rentals than previous years
- Looking at Party Perfect
- Cake walk? 
-Call Lewisville Middle School for help from the youth group
Next meeting April 4, 2016
Meeting adjourned 7:45
April 03
Home and School Meeting Mintues: November 9th

Home and School Public Meeting
November 9, 2015
Trina Bland
Haley Johnson
Lynn Adams
Angela Trueman 
Darlene Tait
Laura England
Susie McDow
Patrice Hawkes
Becky Gallant
Jason Chestnut
Jennifer Leger
Phyllis McLeod
Paul Wilson
Michele Huber
Kate Randall
Janelle Simpson Finnegan
Account balance is $13,500. 
Huge success
Positive feedback from vendors 
$1,602.35 was made 
December 14, snow date December 15
Jen Leger to chair
Will send out a notice asking for donations
We need donations of gift bags and gently used items for the bazaar
Items are especially needed for the dad's table
Volunteer sheet to go out; perhaps do a tear off sheet method where volunteers can get keep a copy of their volunteer times
Details to be discussed at next meeting
IPAD CART + 12 iPads 
Cost for the following is $11,000
12 iPads 
1 iPad mini 
Mac mini (library worker)
Otter boxes for iPads
Shipping, pay monitor, access point and applicable taxes -district will pay
A representative from the district came and gave a presentation on iPads and iPad carts and how it would benefit our school.  
They looked at iPads versus laptops and androids and it was decided that the iPad would be more beneficial to the students of our schools as the students were more focused and the iPad offered far more learning components than the other 2 options.  
What is an iPad cart:
The iPad cart that we are considering is a metal vessel that holds a number of iPads and also charges these iPads simultaneously.
It is portable and therefore can be moved from classroom to classroom very easily
It provides a 'self base' so teachers can stay in the classroom and cause less disruption to the students.
It acts as a 'moveable library'.
How iPad cart works:
There will be a 'teacher lead' responsible for taking care of the cart and managing the programs installed on the devices.
Purchasing policies for the programs in the iPad cart include:
-Mac mini which manages the iPads in the cart (acts as the 'librarian')
-program "Dreambox" (you need to purchase the number you have in the iPads)
Licensing must also be purchased as well per cart
Dreambox would be the learning tool/program purchased and installed on the iPads (for detailed information visit
Training will be provided to the teachers.
The benefits of the iPads in the classroom:
There are five major domains:
-process writing
-multimedia production (it takes videos, then the students can write about it ex: iLife, GarageBand)
-Data collection 
The iPad allows students to learn by:
-augmentation (Dreambox)
-Instant feedback
-Constant moving
-competing individually and collectively
Some schools who already have iPads/cart:
Lou McNarin
Forest Glenn
Riverview East
Mountain View
West Riverview
Claude D Taylor
Queen Elizabeth
Questions raised regarding iPad carts:
Can students bring their own iPads into the school and log on to their system? 
There are limitations as there is one public domain that belongs to the taxpayer but we are working toward BYOD (bring your own device).  The school would have to apply and follow rules and have certain restrictions.  This is still a vision in the works for implementation. 
How does the cart evolve with ever-changing technology?
iPad carts will embrace all types of iPad products.  
If we purchase the iPad cart will we be able to use the iPads immediately or will we have to wait?
No we will have to wait for next year.  The tender process has already gone through; government has just finished signing the contract for tech-support and have to prepare for the coming year.   The iPads will also have to be prepared to be school ready ie.  ordering and implementing the proper software and programming etc.  
Do we pay for the iPad carts immediately or do we pay upon delivery of the complete product? 
We pay upon delivery of the product.
Can we get funding or obtain grants through organizations other than Home and School fundraising for the iPad cart?
Yes, Staples and has a grant that we could look into also.  
We can also speak with Queen Elizabeth school as they have obtained grants for their iPad carts.  
Individual from epicure that ran our last fundraiser wanted to know if we were interested in doing another fundraiser this year.  
Voted: YES
We should send out a general notice to all parents and guardians to see if they have any other fundraising ideas to put forth.  
Next Home and School will be Dec. 7 to discuss Holiday Bazaar.  
Meeting adjourned 
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