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March 23
January 16th, 2015 Minutes

AHM Home & School Public Meeting #3
Monday, January 19, 2015
6:30 p.m.
Trina Bland – President                       Patrice Hawkes      Jeffrey Wright    
Haley Johnson – Treasurer                 Susie McDow        Jenn Leger           Darlene Tait
Lynn Adams – Secretary                    Kate Randall          Laura England      Kerry Firth
Angela Trueman - Principal
Treasurer Report
Our account balance is $11,372.00.
Holiday Bazaar
Thank you Dale & Haley for chairing and all of our volunteers.
A huge success.
$1,180.80 profit was made from this event.
Epicure Fundraiser
Thank you to Dale from bringing this event to the table.
$1,305.00 profit was made from this event.
Staff Appreciation Week
Monday, Feb. 9th – Fri. Feb. 13th
40 staff members – 50 including bus drivers.
“Appreciation apples” to be sent home Monday, Jan 26th with a return date of Feb 3rd (allowing for a few extra days for them to come in). Last year the class room doors were decorated with them.
Also included in the notice will be a request to parents to send a monetary donation to help Home & School treat the staff using a – $2 - $3 as a suggestion.  Last year we brought in $302.00.  If the $300 mark is not reached by parent donation, the Home and School will top off the remaining balance.  
Volunteers needed to come in and decorate staff room the Sunday before the week starts on Feb 8th.
Throughout the week we will have parents donating snacks for the teachers to enjoy. Laura will bring in a cake on Friday .  A schedule will be set up to designate who will bring what snacks for each day. 
There will be a daily draw for a prize each day for the teachers.  We currently have two Stella and Dot donations from Mrs. Trueman and a spa gift certificate.  Trina to be contact person for other draw donations. A lunch will also be purchased for the teachers that week.  PD day worked last year, as the teachers could all enjoy the meal together, so this year will remain the same. 
Winter Movie Night
*We need a chair and date for this event.
Without a chair is this something we want to look at doing?
Pre Release option is Big Hero 6.
Ushers are also needed if this event is a go.  Too many children running in the dark gym unsupervised.
Breakfast Club
Mrs. Trueman has asked for a $500.00 donation to the breakfast club to help with purchasing food.  Money is needed for March.
Motion was passed.
 Scholastic Book Fair
March 30 - April 7
*We need a Chair for this event - request will be put on voicemail as this event raises a lot of money and books for our school.
French books are especially needed this year.
 FORD Fundraiser
Trina to chair
Possible date of May 23rd, confirmation needed with Corey from Ford.
FORD donates $20 per vehicle that is driven with a survey completed.
FORD will provide 10-15 cars.
FORD recommends 20 minutes per test drive: 5 to register, 10 to drive, 5 for survey.
3 test drives per car an hour.
30 test drives per hour (with 10 FORD vehicles)
8:30 – 12:30 would give us 120 test drives (with 10 vehicles)
1 driver per address.
NO children are allowed to go in a FORD vehicle for a test drive.
Parents must sign their child into an activity before they take a test drive.
 Mrs Trueman and AHM Staff will provide childcare inside the school with activities such as Lego, games, arts/crafts, Wii.
Trina to contact the Lion’s club to see if they will BBQ again for us this year.
Event finished by 1:00.  12:30 – 1:00 would be clean-up. There are no casual custodians so we would need to clean.
A notice will be sent to AHM parents with a return slip to school.
Last year generated $1,980.00 from Ford and made approx. $200 from our BBQ.
Volunteers needed – 20-25 is ideal.
Motion passed to do this event again.
 Night of the Arts
Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Home and a School to have a bake sale and also popcorn and bottled water/juice boxes.
Volunteers needed.
Family Fun Day
Date TBD – June 5th or June 12th
Chair committee needed
Silent auction - put a team of 3 in charge of this Canteen, BBQ – Trina to contact Lion’s Club Inflatables/Bouncy Castles, Trina will contact Talia from Glow parties.
Free popcorn? Face painting?
Budget of $1,000 set for approval.
Motion for budget approved. 
Next meeting is Monday March 16th.


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