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November 18
November 3rd Minutes Home and School

AHM Home & School Public Meeting #2
Monday November 3, 2014.
6:30 p.m.

Trina Bland – President                        Patrice Hawkes      Jeffrey Wright      Janelle Simpson
Haley Johnson – Treasurer                   Susie McDow        Jenn Leger           
Lynn Adams – Secretary                      Kate Randall          Laura England      
Tanya Gallant – Vice Principal
Veronique Guy – Teacher Representative

Spark Bike Presentation
Tanya Thibeau from District Office presented the Spark Bike project.
 She outlined the benefits of exercise:
 * focus longer
 * be less impulsive
 * Inclusion
 She said teachers are dealing with the emotional, social part of the child not only the academic and the bikes help with this.
 They are finding that the bikes and other tools involving exercise help kids to calm themselves. 
 More and more children have stress at a younger age.  We want to give them tools to self-regulate:
 *controlling emotions
 *formulating goals
 *Recognizing stress and how to deal with it -managing social
  Interaction to accompany the bikes, there are lesson plans on how to
 Use the bikes as the tool for teaching self-regulation.
 Text book name is 'Zones of Regulation'
 *helps teach zones based on colors
 This is to be taught as a class. 
 Dr. Stuart Shanker 'Calm, Alert and Learning - Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation'
 *learn to read signs
 *identify stressors
 *help learn and identify what it feels like to be calm, what it feels
 Like to be agitated -helps children learn strategies for returning to
 Feeling calm when they become agitated
 Bikes are $565.00/bike 10 bike minimum through nonprofit company 'Run
 For Life' and the Zone textbooks are $58.00/each. UPDATE: books come from USA. It is 500 for 8 books. Mrs. Trueman ordered 8 books with cd for PD with Staff second term.
 A vote was taken to buy bikes for the school - motion was passed

Mario Chiasson from district office has advised that a stop has been put on SMARTBOARDS.  EPSON Projectors are now in the initiative; however, a stop has been put on purchasing any projectors.

A quote has been attained per a request from the PPSC committee last year
$4,400 for 5 cameras and installation Controls and equipment
What do we require?
 -front door camera
 -doors locked
 -buzzer system
 A full quote for all of these items will be attained. 
 Lisa LeBlanc from Epicure presented a fundraising opportunity Product
 Is dip mixes gift pack:
 -gluten free
 -nut free
 -non GMO
 Gift packs of 3:
 -lemon dilly
 -cheese, chives and bacon
 -3 onion
 Cost is $20.00/pack, $5.00 going to the school. 
 A vote was taken whether to have this fundraiser - motion was passed * Dale to assist with this fundraiser
 $3,778 profit 
 $1,024 profit
Holiday Bazaar – December 15, 2014
-          Dale and Haley will Chair
-          Set up will be Sunday Dec 14th
-          Donations of items needed
-          20+ volunteers needed

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm

Next public meeting January 12, 2015.


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