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November 18
September 15, 2014 Minutes

AHM Home & School Public Meeting #1
Monday September 15, 2014.
6:30 p.m.

Trina Bland – President                 Mindy Moore        Jeffrey Wright      Danielle Spicer      Sarah Foster  
Haley Johnson – Treasurer            Jenny Hie               Kerry Firth           Susie McDow        Jenn Leger
Lynn Adams – Secretary               Kate Randall          Darlene Tait         Laura England       April Jay
Angela Trueman – Principal
Veronique Guy – Teacher Representative
Opening Comments
-Executive Committee introduced themselves and welcomed everyone to the first public meeting of the 2014/2015 school year. Trina made everyone aware that there is an open position to fill for Vice President of the Home & School 

Treasurer Report
-Last Year’s Home & School Profits were $14,300
- We are still waiting for the $2000.00 chq from the Ford drive a car event.
- The current balance of our account is $12,800

PSCC Report
-Representative  was absent will give report at the next meeting

Plan of Action
- 2 year goal was to raise $21,000 in two years to purchase and install 7 Epson Projectors , currently there are 3 left to purchase and install.
- Motion was brought to amend goal: 11 spin bikes for Sparkbrain Program that teaches the students about self-regulation: this cost would be $6,500 – need to have formal vote

Johnny Coupon Books
- Last year we sold 100 books.
-This year we will try and order 75. The books this year have changed – They were $45 per book with a $17 profit – now they are $50 per book with a $19.00 profit – The user also has to bring the whole book to the vendor so the vendor can remove the coupon from the book.
- Potential Profit - $1425.00
- Motion to order 75 books – accepted.

Read – A – Thon
- Starts Monday Oct 7th to Oct 17th 2014
- Goal is to raise $6000.00
- Send out pledge sheets with the students showing minutes read and money donated
- Prizes include: Top student in each grade for minutes read and fundraising.
- Three names will be pulled for any donates made over the amount of $10.00 – prizes are Homemade Quilt – Service Master gift certificate and Chiropractic Services.
- After $2000.00 students will be rewarded a double recess, after $4000.00 Mrs. Trueman and Mrs. Gallant will dye their hair a fun color.
If our goal of $6000 is reached – the class who read the most minutes gets to have a Jell-O battle with some of the teachers.
-          The cost of this fundraiser is $300.00 to purchase $25.00 gift certificates for the student prizes.

Fall Movie Night
- Friday October 24, 2014
- Jenn Leger to chair
- Canteen will have popcorn and water/juice only $1.00 each
-Pyjama theme and Darlene to help with signage and notices
-Volunteers needed
-Movie needs to be chosen, Suggestions were: Planes and Rio 2
Holiday Bazaar – December 15, 2014
-          Set up will be Sunday Dec 14th
-          Need a chair for this event
-          Donations of items needed
Epicure Fundraiser
-          Dale sent Trina a message regarding a possible Epicure fundraiser – Cost $20.00 to purchase, each set sold school is given $5.00 – we will see if rep is able to attend November meeting to discuss further.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm

Next public meeting November 3, 2014.


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