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February 26
Home and School January Mintues

Home and School Minutes, Jan 13th, 2020


·         Holiday Bazaar raised $1243.25

·         Flip give had $888.00. We will ask Alicia to start the process of getting our check from Flip Give to deposit into our account. We decided that we will withdraw from Flip Give annually every January. What a great fundraiser, thank you Alicia!

Pizza Bingo Night Feb 7

·         Barry MacMillan will supply and the pizza out of his Killam Drive location. He will deliver the pizza and supply napkins, gloves and plates.

·         Our cost is $6.00 a pizza and we will charge $20.00 a pizza. Options are cheese or pepperoni.

·         Barry will also donate 10 pizzas to be used at our discretion, thinking about prizes for bingo night, draw for staff appreciation week and silent auction items.

·         Popcorn will be sold on the way out of pizza bingo night. A big bag for $3.00. Our cost in $1.00 a bag and we must buy 100 bags. Going to try this out, thank you Becky for finding this fundraiser.

·         May look at selling Welsh’s gunny packs at a future event.

Staff Appreciation Week Feb 10th to 14th

·         10th Monday, breakfast (Michelle)

·         11th Tuesday, Hot chocolate, coffee and creamers (Susie)

·         12th Wednesday, Massage Therapist

·         13th Thursday, Fruit and Veggie tray (Jen)

·         14th Friday, Lunch (Mrs. Trueman)

·         Set up on the 9th from 2 to 4pm

·         Decorations, sticky tack, apples

·         Daily draws consisting of; gift cards from Chapters, Wine, Blanket, Candles, Greco coupon, massage gift card

·         Treat bags one day

·         Jen and Heather made bath bombs for all staff

Sky Zone

·         Planning on having a Sky Zone fundraiser the 3rd week of February in order to have it complete by March break.

·         We sell $20 sky zone gift cards and for everyone we sell $5.00 goes to our Home and School.

·         Alicia to contact sky zone and get it finalized.

Other dates

·         Scholastic book fair April 14 to 16 (Jen and Lisa Mae to co-chair)

·         Night of the arts April 30th (bake sale)

·         Family fun day June 5th

Family Fun Day

·         Playmania is booked at a cost of $1288.00

·         Donation letter is available from Jen or Angela

·         Let Jen Leger know who you have contacted so we don’t call on people twice.

·         Lions club has been contacted about BBQ but have not heard back yet.

·         Bricks for kids contacted but haven’t heard back yet.

·         BBQ supplies (Mrs. Trueman to look after)

·         Cale Walk

·         Jen to contact face painter

·         Staff to do gift cards again.

·         Prize wheel, need to replenish prizes

·         Gift basket draws

·         50/50 grid

·         Floats

Other items discussed

·         4 iPad bins, 6 iPad in each bin, all grades are getting to use them!

·         We are going to look at purchasing more iPad for AHM this year

·         Angela to contact Andrew Trites about selling school swag in May and November

·         Next meeting date March 16th, all are welcome!!!!


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