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October 31
Home and School October Minutes

Home and School meeting, October 21, 2019


·         Bank balance is $11930.63

·         Our past compromised account still has a balance of $5074. This was news to our current executive, will transfer it over, Yay!

·         Purchased iPad, tech tubs etc.

·         Writing a check to AHM for $5658.24

·         Need to renew copyright license, H and S to write check for $375

Read a thon

·         As of October 18th we had raised $2456.45, total raised is actually just over $3000

·         Susie to purchase gift cards from Chapters for top readers and fundraisers

·         Awards to be handed out at monthly assembly on November 1st

Book Fair

·         Our librarian, Mrs. Davidson is hosting our annual fall book fair, sheet went around for anyone present at our meeting to volunteer.

Avon Fundraiser

·         Angela Furlong has offered to do an Avon fundraiser just in time for the holidays.

·         For $15 a holiday bundle of soaps, lotions etc. will be available for purchase.

·         There will be 2 different scent options.

·         Notice to be sent home on October 24th and order forms returned to school on the 7th.

·         Orders will be available for pick up during parent teacher interviews in November.

Sky Zone

·         They offer a great fundraiser, AHM would sell $20 gift cards and we would get $5 back from each sale. Hoping to organize this for just before March break.

·         Thank you, Alicia, for doing the research on this great idea!


·         Becky was able to get us a contact for popcorn.

·         100 big gas station-style bags available for us to purchase for $100

·         We could resell for $3 a bag and make a good profit at one of our upcoming events.

·         Thank you, Becky!


·         Considering selling some AHM swag. We haven’t done it in a few years.

·         Reached out to Andrew Trites to see if he was interested in designing said clothing.

·         He is and will be in touch with pricing and ideas to discuss at next meeting.

***December 2, 2019 is next meeting, 6:30pm***


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