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September 16
September 16th Home and School Agenda


September 16, 2019


1.    Introductions

2.    What we do

3.    Finances:

$11,187.60 (account)+$589.00 (FlipGive app)+ $154.00 (cash to deposit) = $11,930.63

4.    Angela wish list?



5.    Events – set dates for this year’s events

-         Read-a-Thon (October)

·       Volunteers to prep envelopes, count money, buy gift cards, make certificates

-         Holiday Bazaar (December)

·       Volunteers to help set up, wrap, run tables, tidy up

-         Pizza/Bingo Night (February)

·       Volunteers to hand out pizza, cards, call numbers, runners

-         Staff Appreciation Week (February)

·       Volunteers to set up staff room,

-         Home and School Scholastic Book Fair (April)

·       Volunteers to set up, run, tear down

-         Family Fun Day (June)

·       Volunteers to set up, bake cakes, gather silent auction items, run tables, tear down

6.    New ideas/Events?

-         Yoga party, glow stick party/dance, popcorn days…


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