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May 27
Home and School Meeting Minutes January 2019

Home and School Meeting

Jane 30,2019 (4th meeting)


·         Pretty good shape approximately $7500 balance.

·         RBC account open, in process of closing out compromised BMO account

Bingo night

·         Moved to Feb 22nd

·         Need water

·         Emailed Barry from Greco about pizza

·         In need of folded tables

·         Bingo cards from Mrs Ward

·         Forms will go out week of Feb 7th, due back on Feb 15th

Staff appreciation week

·         Set up Sunday February 10th at 2pm

·         Apples and money due back Feb 7th

·         Monday staff breakfast (Michelle)

·         Tuesday coffee (Susie)

·         Wednesday massage table booked

·         Thursday Veg/ Fruit tray

·         Friday Staff lunch (Angela)

Book Fair

·         Susie and Lisa Mae to chair

·         Angela to bring volunteer sign up sheet to next meeting

·         Set up on Friday 29th

·         Tear down on April 5th

·         Will discuss more at next meeting

Next meeting to be held at AHM o March 20th, 2019



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