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Home and School Meeting Mintues: November 9th

Home and School Public Meeting
November 9, 2015
Trina Bland
Haley Johnson
Lynn Adams
Angela Trueman 
Darlene Tait
Laura England
Susie McDow
Patrice Hawkes
Becky Gallant
Jason Chestnut
Jennifer Leger
Phyllis McLeod
Paul Wilson
Michele Huber
Kate Randall
Janelle Simpson Finnegan
Account balance is $13,500. 
Huge success
Positive feedback from vendors 
$1,602.35 was made 
December 14, snow date December 15
Jen Leger to chair
Will send out a notice asking for donations
We need donations of gift bags and gently used items for the bazaar
Items are especially needed for the dad's table
Volunteer sheet to go out; perhaps do a tear off sheet method where volunteers can get keep a copy of their volunteer times
Details to be discussed at next meeting
IPAD CART + 12 iPads 
Cost for the following is $11,000
12 iPads 
1 iPad mini 
Mac mini (library worker)
Otter boxes for iPads
Shipping, pay monitor, access point and applicable taxes -district will pay
A representative from the district came and gave a presentation on iPads and iPad carts and how it would benefit our school.  
They looked at iPads versus laptops and androids and it was decided that the iPad would be more beneficial to the students of our schools as the students were more focused and the iPad offered far more learning components than the other 2 options.  
What is an iPad cart:
The iPad cart that we are considering is a metal vessel that holds a number of iPads and also charges these iPads simultaneously.
It is portable and therefore can be moved from classroom to classroom very easily
It provides a 'self base' so teachers can stay in the classroom and cause less disruption to the students.
It acts as a 'moveable library'.
How iPad cart works:
There will be a 'teacher lead' responsible for taking care of the cart and managing the programs installed on the devices.
Purchasing policies for the programs in the iPad cart include:
-Mac mini which manages the iPads in the cart (acts as the 'librarian')
-program "Dreambox" (you need to purchase the number you have in the iPads)
Licensing must also be purchased as well per cart
Dreambox would be the learning tool/program purchased and installed on the iPads (for detailed information visit
Training will be provided to the teachers.
The benefits of the iPads in the classroom:
There are five major domains:
-process writing
-multimedia production (it takes videos, then the students can write about it ex: iLife, GarageBand)
-Data collection 
The iPad allows students to learn by:
-augmentation (Dreambox)
-Instant feedback
-Constant moving
-competing individually and collectively
Some schools who already have iPads/cart:
Lou McNarin
Forest Glenn
Riverview East
Mountain View
West Riverview
Claude D Taylor
Queen Elizabeth
Questions raised regarding iPad carts:
Can students bring their own iPads into the school and log on to their system? 
There are limitations as there is one public domain that belongs to the taxpayer but we are working toward BYOD (bring your own device).  The school would have to apply and follow rules and have certain restrictions.  This is still a vision in the works for implementation. 
How does the cart evolve with ever-changing technology?
iPad carts will embrace all types of iPad products.  
If we purchase the iPad cart will we be able to use the iPads immediately or will we have to wait?
No we will have to wait for next year.  The tender process has already gone through; government has just finished signing the contract for tech-support and have to prepare for the coming year.   The iPads will also have to be prepared to be school ready ie.  ordering and implementing the proper software and programming etc.  
Do we pay for the iPad carts immediately or do we pay upon delivery of the complete product? 
We pay upon delivery of the product.
Can we get funding or obtain grants through organizations other than Home and School fundraising for the iPad cart?
Yes, Staples and has a grant that we could look into also.  
We can also speak with Queen Elizabeth school as they have obtained grants for their iPad carts.  
Individual from epicure that ran our last fundraiser wanted to know if we were interested in doing another fundraiser this year.  
Voted: YES
We should send out a general notice to all parents and guardians to see if they have any other fundraising ideas to put forth.  
Next Home and School will be Dec. 7 to discuss Holiday Bazaar.  
Meeting adjourned 


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