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June 14
Riverview High School News!

United First Nations Youth Summit awarded bursary

Several staff and students at RHS spent much of the school year, including the Youth Leadership Forum in Fredericton in November, planning their United First Nations Youth Summit for Indigenous youth across the 15 First Nation communities in NB, as well as Riverview’s student body. 

The Summit modeled the United Nations, where delegates participated in a variety of committee discussions and workshops around the topics of education, social justice, health & wellness, the environment, and economics. 

The Summit served two main purposes – to raise awareness around all four pillars of sustainability, as previously listed, and to unite Indigenous and non- Indigenous students. 

At the closing, delegates presented their “calls to action” for moving forward in their respective communities and forming partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

To view the summit website click on the link​

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