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April 12
Bernice MacNaughton High School News!

High School Seniors Visual Art Exhibition


During the month of March and April the Moncton City Hall Gallery will be displaying selected works created by grade 12 students from Anglophone East School District. This annual exhibition showcases the work of students in their final year of public school visual arts. Participating students have all taken Visual Arts from K-12 and over the years have received instruction from teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The exhibit will feature paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media works. 


The student artists, their friends and family and the public are invited to attend the vernissage on March 28th at 5pm when City of Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold will be present to officially open the exhibit.


The exhibit is currently open daily from Monday to Friday (8am to 4:30pm) and runs until April the 26th. For more information contact:​​​


The Bernice MacNaughton High School Reach for the Top teams took silver in the senior and intermediate divisions in the annual BMHS Reach for the Top tournament.

Winning players were: Mark Finnamore, Abby Hackett,  James Cogswell, and Quang Nguyen on the senior team. On the intermediate team were: Mathilda Ott, Sarina Kleff, Harry Nguyen, Catherine Minnaar, and Handsome Zheng.

We host schools from over the entire province as one of the six tournaments held throughout the season. Reach for the Top is a team trivia contest that pits a school's team of four against that of another school. We encourage other Anglophone East high schools to get back in the game, as many used to be involved years ago. If you'd like to participate next year, "reach" out to Natasha LeBlanc at BMHS.


In writing news, four BMHS students took prizes at this year's Frye Festival Youth Writing Contest. They will be awarded at the Soiree later this month. Katherine Barbour and Gillian McWilliam took poetry prizes and Frank Qiao and Mark Finnamore won in short fiction.


In related news, the Royal Canadian Legion held their awards evening to pass out prizes for poetry and essay writing. BMHS was well represented with winning pieces being submitted by: Noemi Szente, Zachary Duff, Katie Smith, Sarah Gingles, Raj Punna, Sarah Johnson, Alyssa Goodine, and Padraig Murphy. 

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