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May 17
First Nation Education News!


Teachers will be coming together at Fort Folly with the Cultural Coordinator to make their own drums and learn the historical and cultural significance of the drum. They will be returning to their classrooms/schools to share this knowledge and use the drum as a tool to build the cultural competence of staff and students and to integrate their First Nation Education learning into other subject areas (art, music, ELA, social studies, PDCP, math, science)



The Coalition of First Nation Education Champions will be visiting Elsipogtog and Fort Folly on June 6th to learn from Elders and Culture Keepers.



Some schools will be visiting Fort Folly’s Medicine Trail to learn about medicines and plants that are important to First Nation Peoples, their uses and how modern science is coming to realize that these traditional ways can be used for all.


NATIONAL INDIGENOUS HISTORY MONTH is June every year with June 21st being National Indigenous Peoples Day. Various schools will be embedding treaty education, education for reconciliation and cultural teachings into the coming months.  



 This year’s Heritage Fair was held at the Albert County Museum and incorporated First Nation Education in the form of having an Elder visit with the children and provide teachings to the public and participating staff and students. The students did an amazing job of sharing their own passion and knowledge.




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