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November 16
First Nations Education Update

Great projects all over the district. One ongoing project is with a high school teacher who is doing an integrated, cross curricular unit for ELA, social studies and Art. The idea is to research different Indigenous cultures from across Canada and develop a graphic novel/comic idea based on an Indigenous Super Hero then pitch it to Marvel! This idea was in the works at Marvel already so this group of youth will use their creativity and social justice lens’ to meet curricular outcomes in many areas!

Ongoing work of the First Nations Coalition will include learning from First Nations’ community members (Elders, Cultural Knowledge Keepers, Youth) through Circles, Ceremony, Drumming and Storytelling.

Upcoming ‘travelling supper Professional Learning’ for a group of teachers who will be attending the Jesse Wente presentation at Mount Allison on Monday, November 19th at 7pm in Crabtree Auditorium. Jesse has chosen to take a future perspective in the Speakers’ Series  and to paint a picture of a post-Reconciliation Canada.  We would like to invite you to attend this event and take the opportunity to hear Jesse speak but also to ask him questions and hear his perspective.  Jesse has been appointed the first director of Canada’s Screen Office .  and can be found on Twitter at @jessewente!

There will be a First Nations’ Guidance Professional Learning day on December 19th whereby Guidance counsellors, social workers and psychologists will be participating in the Blanket Exercise and learning about Intergenerational Trauma, Supports and Opportunities for First Nations students, Indigenous lens on Wellness and partake in a Case Study.

If you are a parent/guardian of a student who is Indigenous – reach out to the Guidance counsellor at your school to learn more about post secondary supports and opportunities.

If you have any cultural events that you would like to share with us at district – please reach out to the Subject Coordinator for First Nations Education Tracy Landry at 380-1915 or



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