The objective of the Facilities Department Administrative TEAM, Custodial TEAM and Maintenance Personnel TEAM is to provide students, teachers, and support personnel with a high quality learning and working environment.

A school facility conducive to learning requires a high standard of cleanliness, timely scheduled maintenance, and dedicated maintenance personnel to make our buildings a safe, clean, appealing, environment in which to learn, work or visit.  

The key areas of responsibility for the Facilities Department are...
  • to ensure professional and scheduled maintenance is carried out in all schools and that all schools are being effectively and efficiently cleaned;
  • to implement fire and emergency plans in each school;
  • to maintain and maximize community use of schools and to develop reciprocal agreements with municipalities and other community groups;
  • to respond quickly to emergency requests on a daily basis;
  • to ensure appropriate delivery of supplies and services to schools;
  • maintain a well-trained staff of maintenance and custodial staff;
  • ensure facility planning is current with instructional program requirements;
  • maintain accurate capital improvements and major repair lists;
  • link with unions, provincial departments, municipal departments, school and parent groups and budget administration.​​


For general inquiries please contact the Facilities department at (506) 856-3611

Candace Scott, CET
(506) 856-3334

​Riverview Education Centre ​Sackville Education Centre
Denis Sears
Assistant Manager
(506) 869-6754
​Chris Carhart
Assistant Manager
(506) 381-3996