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Welcome to New Brunswick Public School in
the Anglophone East School District (ASD-E). We look forward to meeting you and your child / children.
Gregg Ingersoll - ASD-E Superintendent 


English as an Additional Language (EAL)  

Students in elementary and middle school who are learning English as an Additional Language will receive support through EAL programming as needed. Support is established following intake assessments of both literacy and numeracy levels.  

High school students requiring English language support are placed in an EAL class. Newcomer Canadian students, Visiting International Students and Rotary International Students are able to receive this support as dictated by the results of their intake language assessments.

When determining programming for students; language ability, placement at grade level age appropriately and prior schooling are all considered. Students of all cultures, languages, abilities and religions are welcome and respected in all Anglophone East District Schools.