FAQ - Registration Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about school registration at the International Welcome Centre (IWC):


We are newcomers to the Greater Moncton Area.  Where do I register my child?

Parents must register in person at the International Welcome Centre (IWC). You need to call or email the IWC to make an appointment to register your child for school if:
  • your child was born outside of Canada 


  • if the language your child speaks at home is not English. 

The International Welcome Center (IWC) is located at Queen Elizabeth School, 31 Lynch Street, Room 114, Moncton, New Brunswick, E1C 3L5  

Who should register at the International Welcome Centre?

  • Kindergarten to Grade 12 students born in Canada who do not speak English as their home language.
  • Kindergarten to Grade 12 students born outside Canada, regardless of language spoken at home.

What can I expect to happen at my registration appointment?

  • We will tell you about our schools and our programming
  • We will help you fill out the school registration forms
  • We will check your immigration documents to confirm that your child is eligible to study
  • We will schedule intake assessments for English literacy and numeracy for your child
  • We will make arrangements for student entry to their new school 

Do I need to bring my child with me when I come to register for school?

No, you do not need to bring your child to the initial registration appointment. We encourage one or both parents to come for registration as the paperwork involved and information given may take up to 1 hour to complete. Your child will be scheduled for an intake assessment appointment once registration is complete.

How old does my child have to be in order to register for Kindergarten?

Children must be five years old before the end of December to be eligible to start school in September of that calendar year.

We will be arriving in Moncton after the school year has begun. How soon can I register my child for school? Is there a deadline for registration?

You can register your child for school as soon as you arrive in New Brunswick and have established a place of residence. We offer continuous enrollment and register new students year-round. Students who enroll after the beginning of the school year may need to be accommodated in a school that is not their catchment school if there are space limitations until the beginning of the next school year.

Why do I have to register my child at the International Welcome Centre?

For students born outside of Canada, we need to examine their immigration documents to make sure they are entitled to publicly funded education in New Brunswick. All students who register with the International Welcome Centre will also complete intake assessments to determine if language support is required.  

Can parents/legal guardians register by telephone, fax, or e-mail?

The International Welcome Centre and schools do not accept registration applications by telephone, fax, or e-mail, as staff need to verify the authenticity of original documentation.  Documents that are written in a foreign language need to be translated into English and notarized.  Any missing documents may delay the processing time for your child’s file.

How do I begin the registration process?

Call or email the International Welcome Centre to schedule a registration appointment

Do I need to register my child for the move from elementary to middle school/high school?

There is no need for a new registration when moving to the next grade. It is done automatically by school administration.

If I register my child during July and August, will it take a long time?

Yes, it will.  Summer is a busy time, as the International Welcome Centre has continuous intake for registration for school. It is critical you schedule an appointment with the International Welcome Centre to ensure someone is available to meet with you to complete your child’s registration.  All required documents as listed on this website (Checklist) will need to be submitted. Any missing documents will delay the registration process.

What documents are required to register my child for school?

The parent or legal guardian must be present to provide the following original documents:

1. Student’s original Birth Certificate (Shows parent names with certified English translation)
2. Proof of legal status in Canada (for both parents and child(ren)) (Please bring the original)

For new immigrant/worker/student/refugee/diplomat please bring:
  • Permanent Residence Card/Confirmation of Permanent Residence document and passport or
  • Work Permit and passport or
  • Study Permit and passport – with parent(s)’ program admission letter or
  • Refugee Claimant Paper or
  • Diplomatic Card and passport
For Canadian(s), please bring
  • Passport and Citizenship Card and Birth Certificate
3. Proof of local address (purchase or rental agreement or recent utility, cable, or telephone bill) 
4. Local phone number
5. Proof of Immunization (records since birth with certified English translation)
6. Proof of Medicare (a receipt from Service New Brunswick that you have applied for Medicare also serves as proof) or medical insurance for the duration of studies
7. Previous School Record (with certified English translation if needed)
8. Other relevant documentation involving guardianship or custody (Custodianship declaration form can be found at: Minor children - Study in Canada​, a sample consent letter for children travelling abroad can be found at: Recommended consent letter for children travelling abroad), etc.
Please bring these documents with you to your registration appointment and we will make copies for the student file(s). Any missing documents may delay the registration process. It is not necessary to bring your child for the initial registration appointment. Intake assessments for your child will be scheduled for a later date.

My child is already attending a school in the Anglophone East School District, but we are moving to another area within the school district. What do I need to do?

Changing address during the school year
  1. Refer to School Eligibility​ to determine if your child’s school will change based on the new address and which school they will now attend. If the school does not change simply advise the current school of the new address.
  2. If the new address does require a change in school, visit the new school with proof of the new address to fill out the necessary documents. They will confirm if space is available at their new school and provide a date to begin classes there.
  3. Your new school will notify your old school and arrange to transfer the student records.
Changing address during the summer:
  1. If the new address is outside the current school's catchment area, families need to wait for the new catchment school to reopen at the end of August to update their address and complete the necessary documentation as indicated above
  2. If the new address is in the same school's catchment area, families can update their address with the school when they reopen at the end of August.