About the DEC

What is a District Education Council (DEC)?

Established under the Education Act, a DEC consists of 11-13 education councilors elected for four-year terms.

Using the policies and standards of the Department of Education as a framework, each DEC establishes objectives and policies aimed at addressing the particular priorities and needs of the district. The education councilors take part in the decision- making process concerning local goals and directions in education.

The DEC is responsible for the operation of the schools in its district in the areas of education, school performance, and infrastructure. The DEC’s and the Department of Education have a common objective: providing the best public education system.

What are the main responsibilities DEC’s have for their districts?

  • Hiring and evaluating the district superintendent;
  • Establishing and monitoring the annual district plan and public district performance report;
  • Establishing and monitoring the district expenditure plan;
  • Monitoring student achievement;
  • Building community partnerships;
  • Setting priorities for infrastructure planning projects including capital construction, school establishment and closures;
  • Reviewing the school improvement plan and the school performance report for each school in the district to ensure they are consistent with the district education plan.

If you have questions about your child's school, please use the following communication steps:

  • Step #1 – Contact the person or school where there is a question i.e. Classroom Teacher
  • Step #2 – Contact the person's immediate supervisor i.e. School Principal
  • Step #3 – Contact the District Office i.e. Director of Education
  • Step #4 – Contact the Superintendent
  • Step #5 – Contact the Subdistrict District Education Council Member
  • Step #6 – Contact the District Education Council as a whole

​​​​DEC Members

DEC Mission Statement

A Better Future... Through Quality Education

More Information

For more information please refer to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website.