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April 05
STEMeast Expo 2018

In Anglophone East School District, our Science classrooms are transforming to become STEM classrooms where Science, Technology and Mathematical skills are brought together to solve real-world problems.  Students learn collaboratively to solve their problem through a project-based approach.  They explore using hands-on activities through the Engineering Design Process to investigate possible solutions.


Our STEM East Expo is the next step in the evolution of science fairs.  In a science fair, the focus is on answering questions to satisfy a student’s curiosity about the world around them, whereas a STEM Expo is aimed at developing a solution to a real-world problem.  A science fair project can be an experiment, a demonstration or research on a topic, while a STEM Expo project is a showcase of creativity, ingenuity and self-reflection on a product that solves a problem.


Learning opportunities at the STEMeast Expo included: welding simulator, tower building challenge, solving puzzles, coding, home made hovercraft, and reverse-engineered bike.


 Buzzfeed special from STEMeast Expo 2018: