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February 01
Deeper Learning Competencies

 Students across the district are engaging in thought-provoking student generated projects, which focus on global and local issues. Within these projects, students work together and learn valuable skills, competencies, and curriculum outcomes.  These projects combine many subject areas from Math and Science to Language Arts and Health.  

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ability to critically evaluate information to solve meaningful, real-life, complex problems  

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

To take risks with learning; to question, test, and demonstrate initiative, imagination, and creativity

Learning to Learn/Self-awareness and Self-direction

Being able to self-regulate, be adaptive, and show resiliency


Able to establish positive and respectful relationships when working with others.


Communicating effectively with a variety of styles and tools that fit the situation 

Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Thinking about how real-world problems affect others and ourselves.

 Student Work:


Recycle Clothing.jpeg

Students repurpose recyclable materials in order to create clothing for a staff fashion show.



Students use drones to practice career skills for disaster first air delivery, flood surveying, videography, package delivery, and even drone racing.



Students research the issue of plastic waste and then pick up waste around the community.





Students research possible solutions to the waste issue.




Students create model inventions to help reduce plastic waste in the local and global community. 




Students extend their learning by designing and building scaled models of Tiny Houses.


 Watch us in action:


TESS Student Voice - Video