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November 24
Focus on Inquiry
Working with students to support their learning in an area of interest, many of our schools are embracing inquiry based learning. This can be within any learning area from Science, Math,  to Art or Music.
Some examples:
Bungee Bug.jpg

Bungee Bug-
Students in grade 8 are working in teams to calculate the exact number of elastics that will successfully bungee the bug doll from a designated height, they only get one drop!
Dash and Dot.jpg

Dash and Dot- Students in grade 3 are using Blockly to code the Dash robot to solve a variety of puzzles.
Green Screen.jpg

Green Screen- Students in grade 6 are using the green screen app DoINK to film themselves describing the various parts of the cell to showcase their understanding.
KEVA Planks.jpg

Students in grade 4 are building a variety of structures to perfect their skills in scientific literacy. Here they are attempting to build the tallest tower in the class.

MakeyMakey is being used in partnership with the macbooks to code a controller out of conductive materials.

Digiscope- Students in grade 8 are investigating the micro world with the Digital microscopes in partnership with the macbooks.

Pyramid- Students in grade 4 are building their ability to communicate and work together in the teamwork pyramid challenge.

RollerCoaster- Teams have been challenged to build a roller coaster out of household materials in order to practice their data collection and planning skills.

Students in grade 7 are writing lines of code to successfully make Sphero the robot travel in between chairs and table legs.


Pulley- Students in grade 3 are being challenged to build a simple pulley that will allow them to lift a cup of marbles off the floor.



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