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September 25

IMG_1445.jpgIt was a busy Back-to-School all over ASD-E this month! Students participated in a variety of hands on learning activities after a hot summer vacation.

September was filled with school garden harvesting and passing on acts of kindness in recognition of Rebecca Schofield’s request to the world for Rebecca Schofield Day on September 15th.


Our students were pleased to record some of their kind deeds so they can be reminded throughout the year about the power of one small kind act and reflect on how doing nice things for others makes them feel.

The food gathered from our school gardens will be used for our various breakfast programs, to teach students how to create yummy recipes out of food they have grown themselves and to share with friends.

The Anglophone East School District is thrilled with our first month of learning and we can’t wait to share more positive, inclusive and FUN educational activities with our students this year!