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January 19
Basketball Districts

​Hi all,

We have a bit of a template for basketball districts, but it may be impacted by gym bookings, weather, referee availabilty, final standings and game results. Be sure to check the calendar often for updates.

January 18
Badminton Coaches Needed

​Hi all,

Our next after school sport up is badminton. The season will run from the week of February 6 to the week of March 27. Currently we are in need of coaches for our Grade 6 Boys and our Grade 7 Girls. The commitment would be 2-3 days per week and is somewhat flexible based on your schedule.

October 29
Soccer Playoffs/ Basketball tryouts

​Hi all,

The rest of the soccer playoffs are in the calendar but could be modifed due to weather or referee availability so keep monitoring this page. 

We don't have much time between seasons so basketball tryouts will spring up quite quickly (and may be changed due to soccer games). We are still on the hunt for Tier 2 Girls and Grade 6 boys coaches. There is also an opportunity to host a second grade 6 girls basketball team if we can find a co-coach to work with another parent.

October 03
Sport Fees

​Hi all,

Sport fees should be paid online ASAP!

Soccer- $30

Cross Country- $5


September 23
JV Boys Soccer

​Hi Dragons,

Just a note that the JV Boys final roster will be posted on the fieldhouse athletics board on Monday morning.

September 22
JV Boys Soccer Tryouts

​Too much talent on display at JV Boys soccer tryouts. Players who made the first cut are asked to be at ELE on 3:45pm on Friday for their 4:15pm game. Final selections will be made after the first game!

Best of Luck Dragons!

September 20
Game/ Race Times

​Hi Dragon Families.

Just a heads up... The game and race times posted on the calendar are the times that the competitions begin. Coaches alway appreciate when you show up 15-30 minutes earlier, so athletes have time to warm up, which is especially important during the cold outdoor season. Coaches understand that given the early start times, it is not always possible.. but please try your best!

September 07
NMS Sports Teams

​Hi Dragon Families,

Just a note for families who may be new to middle school athletics and how our teams work:


Varsity Teams- for grade 7 and 8 only

Junior Varsity- for grade 6 and 7 only

Tier 2- for grade 7 and 8 only

Grade 6- for grade 6 only

We'll offer as many teams as we have the coaches/ jerseys/ court time for.

Cross Country/Badminton/Track and Field

Grade level teams- 6,7,8


Grade 6-8 Girls


All grades- offered by Loyalist Rugby Club

September 06
Athletics update

Hi Dragons Families,

 UNB soccer coaches and athletes will be at the school Wednesday (Boys) and Thursday (Girls) 3:30-5:00 for anyone who wants to try the sport or practice their skills before tryouts.

For those looking for more information on our athletic programs follow us on Instagram: nms_dragons_PE_and_athletics

We are still looking for a JV boys soccer coach for anyone who is interested.

September 02
Coaches Needed

​Our soccer teams are still looking for coaches - Varisty Boys and JV Boys. If interested please contact Mr. Grimmer at adam.grimmer@nbed.nb.ca.

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